Bangladesh Coast Guard to get 9 patrol craft from Turkey

Bangladesh Coast Guard to get 9 patrol craft from Turkey

The Bangladesh Coast Guard is negotiating with Ares Shipyard from Turkey for up to 9 patrol vessels, most of which will be built in Bangladesh through a technology transfer deal.

The Bangladesh Defence Analyst has learned the Turkish shipyard is determining the best local partner for the programme in coordination with Coast Guard authorities of Bangladesh.

Ares Shipyard offers a large portfolio of medium and small displacement patrol craft, naval, utility, civilian vessels, and unmanned systems.

We understand the Turkish shipyard proposed the Ares 150 and Ares 140 Hercules patrol boats to the Bangladesh Coast Guard.

The approximately 50 m patrol craft are armed with 12.7mm and 30mm operated weapon systems. They also carry two Ares 24 Harpoon fast interceptor boats aboard for special operations forces, boarding, and SAR missions.

The patrol boats have a speed in excess of 35 knots and are constructed out of advanced composites. Propulsion is provided by diesel engines and waterjets.

At least two such boats have been supplied to the Qatar Coast Guard however, the Bangladesh Coast Guard’s vessels will be modified (possibly enlarged) according to our sources.

Currently, the Bangladesh Coast Guard is building up its surface fleet with an array of modern indigenously built vessels in partnership with foreign suppliers. The foreign shipbuilders usually cooperate with Bangladesh Navy-owned shipyards by providing design and material packages, which are then used to build the coast guard boats in Bangladesh.

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