Bangladesh Navy to establish air defence missile support facility

Bangladesh Navy to establish air defence missile support facility

The Bangladesh Navy is setting up an air defence missile support facility for the maintenance, repair and overhauling of its FL-3000N surface-to-air-missile system for the first time with the technical cooperation of the respective Chinese manufacturer.

The FL-3000N is a short range shipborne air defence missile system that equips numerous Bangladesh Navy surface combatants including the Shadhinata class (C13B) guided missile corvettes.

The FL-3000N was developed by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC).

The FL-3000N missile uses a combined guidance system that incorporates both imaging infrared (ImIR) guidance and millimeter wave radar (MMW) guidance. There are a pair of horn like protrusions mounted on the ImIR seeker at the tip of the missile, and these two protrusions are the passive radar seekers.

An optional ImIR only guidance is also available and the missile is a fire and forget weapon. The fire control system (FCS) of FL-3000N can simultaneously control two launchers, and can be integrated into other FCS on board ships.

Alternatively, FL-3000N is also capable being directly controlled by other FCS on board ships. The system is usually fully automatic without human intervention, but manual operation can be inserted when needed.

An optional extra magazine with automated loading system is available for larger warships when there is enough space provided. On smaller surface combatants where space is limited, the extra magazine with the automated loading system is eliminated and the reload is done manually.

To further use confined space, an 8-cell launcher and a quadruple launcher are also available. Additionally, a single-cell launcher is available for mounting on existing naval gun mounts.

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The Bangladesh Navy is the launch export customer of the FL-3000N air defence missile system.

It is also its largest user. The system has also been exported to countries such as Nigeria.


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