Bangladesh to launch three more satellites

Bangladesh to launch three more satellites

Not too long ago Bangladesh government launched the country’s first satellite in to space in 2018. Now the country’s authorities are planning to launch three more satellites to match the country’s technology derived aspirations.

In this regard the Ministry of Information & Communication Technology (MICT) and the Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Limited (BCSCL) have commenced planning and budgeting for the second satellite, which is earmarked to be launched within the next 3 years.

By 2028 the country’s third satellite will be launched followed by a fourth one in 2029.

France has officially expressed its desire to provide technical assistance including design and launch of the Bangabandhu-2 satellite. They submitted their proposal in November 2019 to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina directly during a meeting.

Although Thales Alenia Space manufactured the first satellite, this time around France’s Arianespace is in the race to build Bangladesh’s second satellite. The company is known for being the first commercial satellite manufacturer and launcher with operations starting in 1980.

The forty year old European satellite launch service provider has launched over 500 satellites since its inception. Arianespace uses the Guiana Space Centre in French Guiana as its main launch site.

Moreover Glavkosmos, a subsidiary of the Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos also offered to build and launch the second satellite of Bangladesh. To this end an official delegation from the Russian satellite company visited Bangladesh and presented various information about their products to the Bangladesh Satellite Company Limited (BSCL) for consideration.

The Russian government wants to provide technical assistance to Bangladesh in building future satellites, training manpower and ensuring multifaceted usage of the satellites as well as work in a consultancy capacity to determine the satellite construction and launch costs.

Russia leased a slot to Bangladesh for the Bangabandhu-1 satellite already, however the satellite is orbiting angularly from Bangladesh. The next satellite will be positioned closer to Bangladesh’s geographical location.

The Bangladesh government is firm on launching its second satellite by 2023 in accordance with its election manifesto. To this end the country continues to receive various proposals from different countries to launch the second satellite.

Bangladesh’s first satellite, the Bangabandhu-1 is used by several countries including Honduras, Turkey, Philippines, Ghana, Cameroon and South Africa besides Bangladesh itself.

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