Bangladesh to manufacture combat engineer equipment

Bangladesh to manufacture combat engineer equipment

The Bangladesh Army has outlined a requirement for massively enhancing its riverine and amphibious warfare capabilities through induction of indigenously built equipment for the first time.

The Dockyard & Engineering Works (DEW) has been tasked with manufacturing Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB), Assault Trackways (60 ton) and Bailey Bridges (80 ft) besides a large array of different watercraft including sea worthy Landing Craft. Only the AVLBs specifications have been disclosed on the public domain.

Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB)

  • Combat weight: 60 tons
  • Crew: 2-3
  • Power to weight ratio: Min 14 hp/ton
  • Ground clearance: Min 0.40 m Ground pressure: 0.95 kg/sq cm

The engineering equipment will be manufactured with Transfer of Technology (ToT) from a Western country with a strong record of manufacturing and supplying major armies of the world.

Bangladesh Army is open to systems from France, Germany, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States in this regard.

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