BOF to manufacture medium-range ATGM

BOF to manufacture medium-range ATGM

The Bangladesh Army first inducted Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM) in 1985 with the delivery of 192 HJ-73 ATGM launchers.

In 2001 the Bangladesh Army purchased 114 HJ-8 ATGM from China, it was followed up by a purchase of 230 Baktar-Shikan ATGMs from Pakistan in 2004. These ATGMs have a 90% hit and penetration probability at a distance of 3 km.

In 2013 the Bangladesh Army purchased an undisclosed amount of Metis-M1 ATGMs launchers with 1,200 HEAT missiles.

The Metis-M1 is the upgraded variant of Metis-M. The new version has greater range of 2 km, more armour penetration of 900–950 mm (35–37 in), and reduced weight. It is designed to destroy main battle tanks with Active Protection Systems and Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA), light armored vehicles, fortifications, and other targets in day or night and in any weather condition.

Ironically the Bangladesh Army introduced the Metis-M1 in to service even before the Russian armed forces, which formally inducted the ATGM in March 2016. The Metis-M1 remains the most advance ATGM in the Bangladesh Army.

This weapon is particularly useful for Bangladesh where clear line of sight does not normally exceed 300 m in any direction, particularly when concerning human inhabited areas, which are extremely dense/built-up blocking effectiveness or need for long range ATGMs.

Currently the Metis-M1 (Russia) and Skif (Ukraine) are standardized, however the Bangladesh Army requires more proposals for evaluation from Western/NATO-member countries and others in Group B (such as China, Russia, Belarus etc).

The Bangladesh Ordnance Factories (BOF) will begin serial production of ATGM missiles once the Bangladesh Army selects a suitable ATGM with range of 4 km and above, capable of penetrating a minimum ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour) of 800 mm or above).

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The Bangladesh Army has a stated requirement for 1,000 ATGM launchers and an undisclosed number of anti-tank guided missiles. compares the different ATGMs availed to the Bangladesh Army with full transfer-of-technology for missiles and other consumable components of the ATGM:

Model9M133 KornetAT-1K RayboltHJ-12OMTASSkif
OriginRussiaSouth KoreaChinaTurkeyUkraine
DesignerKBP Instrument Design BureauAgency for Defense Development, LIG Nex1, (missile), Hanwha Defense (launcher)NORINCORoketsanLuch Srare Kiev Design Bureau
ManufacturerDegtyarev PlantLIG Nex1 (missile), Hanwha Defense (launcher)NORINCORoketsanLuch
Mass (kg)63.7204471104
Length (mm)1,2001,5001,2001,8001,435
Diameter (mm)152150135160152
WarheadTandem HEAT, ThermobaricTandem HEATTandem HEATTandem HEAT, HE Blast FragTandem HEAT, HE Frag
GuidanceSALCOS laser beam ridingIIR seekerIIR, TV imagingIIR seeker w. RF DLSALCOS laser beam riding w. TV or thermal imaging channels in auto/manual mode
Maximum Range (m)5,5003,0004,0004,0005,500
RHA Penetration After ERA (mm)1,2009001,1001,0001,100
Top-Attack CapableNoYesYesYesNo
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