DEW delivers 8 Multipurpose Accessible Rescue Boats

DEW delivers 8 Multipurpose Accessible Rescue Boats

The Dockyard & Engineering Works, Narayanganj (DEW) handed over 8 of the 60 Multipurpose Accessible Rescue Boats to the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief on 2 September 2021.

The first of the eight boats have been dispatched to their respective areas.

The specially designed rescue boats will enable the concerned authorities to conduct rescue operations during/after disasters in different parts of Bangladesh. The boats have been designed to enable access for disabled persons, equipment and livestock.

There are seats for 80 persons, facilities such as toilets, A-frame and ramp for access.

Measuring 16.50 m in overall length, 3.85 m in breadth and 1.06 m in depth, the Multipurpose Accessible Rescue Craft have a depth of 0.51 m enabling them to reach shallow waters safely.

The Khulna Shipyard on the other hand is also constructing 14 Heavy Rescue Boats for the Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defence. KSY is scheduled to deliver the rescue boats by December 2021.

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