Khulna Shipyard building Turkish designed diving support boats

Khulna Shipyard building Turkish designed diving support boats

The Bangladesh Navy has awarded the Khulna Shipyard a contract to build three diving support boats for its operational needs based on a modern Turkish design.

A contract signing ceremony was held at the Directorate General of Defence Purchase (DGDP) office in Dhaka on 9 June and subsequently a keel laying ceremony was conducted the following day at the Khulna Shipyard in presence of senior Bangladesh Navy and Khulna Shipyard officials.

The ultra-modern diving boat was designed by AMT Istanbul in Turkey. It has an overall length of 35.73 m and a breadth of 8 m. Its maximum draft is 1.85 m and displacement only 255 MT.

The diving boats are powered by two 1,100kW diesel engines, two auxiliary engines and two fixed pitch propellers with four blades each. The maximum speed is 16+ kts and range is 140 nautical miles at 12 knots.

Navigational equipment includes sailing radar with full ARPA functions, magnetic compass, AIS, GPS, gyro, log, echosounder and NAVTEX.

Diving operations of up to 90 metre depth can be supported with air and mixed gas. The boats are fitted with diving control centre, diving station, divers training room, diving platform, stage for three divers, crane with 1 ton capacity, inflatable boat for six fully equipped personnel for training purposes, pinger location finder and diver communication system.

The 35m diving boat can perform emergency response and diving training. The Turkish Navy received two such vessels in December 2020 illustrating the successful design of the class.

Construction for the boats began in Turkey in October 2018. The design was certified by Turkish Lloyd. The diving boats have a capacity of 4+2 pressure chambers. They can be used to serve in emergency response operations as well as rescue operations.

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This is the first time that a Bangladesh Navy owned shipyard is building ships using a Turkish design. It is one of many new projects being undertaken by Bangladesh with Turkey to modernise and increase the capabilities of the Bangladesh Armed Forces.

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