Turkey showcases Bangladesh Army’s Tiger missile system

Turkey showcases Bangladesh Army’s Tiger missile system

The Turkish defence industry’s largest defence exhibition – known as International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF) is being held from 17 to 20 August 2021.

This year’s defence exhibition will feature Roketsan’s major defence export products such as the Tiger Missile System, which has been recently delivered to the Bangladesh Army.

The Turkish state owned defence hardware manufacturer will feature the Tiger Missile System in the Bangladesh Army’s configuration complete with 122 and 230 mm laser guided missiles which are incorporated into the Multi Calibre Launcher (MCL).

Roketsan is expected to receive a repeat order for a second regiment of Tiger Missile System from the Bangladesh Army under the FY2021-22 purchase scheme.

The advantage of the Turkish tactical missile systems are that they can be guided by unmanned aerial vehicle during mid-course to ensure pin point accuracy against targets.

Roketsan describes the MCL  Weapon System as “a highly maneuverable fire support system that can fire TR-122, TRB-122, TRG-122, TRG-230, TRG-300, TRGK-300 and KHAN Rockets and Missiles. The battery is composed of Command & Control Vehicle, Launchers, Ammo Supply Vehicles, Meteorology Vehicle and Maintenance & Repair Vehicle, as well as other mission vehicles needed.”

The MCL Weapon System Battery is capable of performing independent missions with its mission support vehicles. A typical MCL  Weapon System battery is composed of 1 x Command & Control Vehicle, 6 x Launcher Vehicles, 6 x Ammo Supply Vehicles, 1 x Meteorology Vehicle and 1 x Maintenance & Repair Vehicle. The number and type of vehicles can be customised.

The Command & Control System and Weapon Management System of the battery can be integrated with modern fire support automation (tactical fire direction system) and battlefield command-control and management systems. Target acquisition radars or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles supply target information to the Battery.

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The system is a deterrent force due to its long range and mass fire capabilities. It can therefore perform vital tasks in a wide range of missions from peace keeping, defence and to attack operations for the support of a maneuvering force.

The Launcher perfectly performs “shoot and scoot” with its inertial and global navigation and automatic aiming systems. The Tiger missile system has the capability to fire within 5 minutes after deploying. It can be displaced in 5 minutes after firing and can carry out multiple firing missions in a short period of time.

The Launcher Vehicle is a 6×6 Kamaz tactical wheeled vehicle, which provides superior on-road and off-road travel capability. Its compact and robust structure provides a reliable launching platform.

The system provides high survivability on the battlefield with its quick aiming and displacement capability, shoot and scoot ability, high mobility and secure digital & voice communication system.

The system can be transported by land, air, sea and railways. It is transportable by almost all types of cargo planes.

Deployment of the Tiger missile system has improved the fire projection capabilities of the Bangladesh Army markedly.

Photo: Defence Turk


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