South Asian Monitor: Repeat offender

South Asian Monitor: Repeat offender

The Administrator and owners of South Asian Monitor, an internet based “newspaper” has repeatedly stolen content from ever since our website was established last year to provide unrestricted news on Bangladesh’s defence and strategic affairs.

Our contents are written by experienced authors working in Defence, Aviation, government services and universities. The academic works are valuable for individuals wanting to keep updated with defence and national security affairs.

We welcome individuals to read and share our content however we also expect our readers to respect our intellectual property rights. It has come to our attention that the owners of South Asia Monitor is once again stealing content from after a brief hiatus.

The repeated acts of theft is harmful for people who are seeking to read our website’s content without subscribing but such cowardly, wilful acts of online crime discourages our writers from submitting their content for publishing on our website.

We are in touch with the Bangladesh Police, Facebook and other parties to ensure the culprits who run South Asian Monitor are held accountable. users are urged to report any further theft of content to us.

Common activities of South Asian Monitor Administrator/Owner:

  • Copy+paste of entire articles;
  • Creation of fake accounts in the name of Defseca staff to appear as if our staff and contributors willingly contribute their writings on SAM;
  • Translation of English content in verbatim to Bengali in an attempt to mask the theft.

We urge our readers to only read contents published from our website directly as we are not responsible for contents published on other mediums impersonating our writers. Our authorised platforms are:

  • Defseca –
  • Facebook –
  • Twitter –
  • YouTube –
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