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  1. Still we are sitting ducks when it comes to acquiring Air Defence Systems other than FM-90s... we should've had at least MRSAMs by now!
  2. Definitely an eyesore to see Indian buses and commercial vehicles plying on the streets of Bangladesh! But we can 'thank' this govt for letting them build these rubbish automotive industries in the country... we need to attract investments from Toyota as Toyota is and always will be the most popular car brand in BD! I think Proton and Hyundai assembles cars in BD as well and Mercedes and BMW have also shown interest. Would also be nice to see Chinese brands like Great Wall Motors/Haval assemble cars in BD as well. At least thankfully our general population has the common sense and decency to buy Japanese/Korean/European cars for personal use!
  3. While you do have a point, I don't think it is always about citizens residing in another country that leads to establishing diplomatic missions. Sometime it is more about having good bilateral relations in different sectors. Plus, once embassies establish themselves, their citizens will feel more 'secure' or confident to visit or work in Bangladesh. A few countries I listed up there did have their missions in Dhaka before but they eventually closed down in the 1990s or 2000s. And I am pretty sure there are some citizens of New Zealand, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Austria residing in Bangladesh. But for EU citizens they can seek assistance from any other EU-member missions.
  4. As much as I hope that BA someday orders at least 50 units of these tanks, the unit price of each tank will surely be a huge turn-off for the army. Apparently they cost more than German Leopard tanks!
  5. Let me introduce myself as well! I used to be known as Avtomat Kalashnikov back in BDMilitary forum. I was inactive there since 7-8 years actually, but recently I was interested to find out how far Bangladesh has come in terms of modernization of its armed forces in recent years. No worries though, I have updated myself already in this issue but I was looking for the forum again since there were always some very interesting discussions going on, but couldn't find BDMilitary anymore. What happened to it btw? And is BDM1A1 still around? Good to see you all! We need to make this forum alive once again.
  6. While it is a great news that Bangladesh is expanding its missions worldwide, the same cannot be said for the presence of other countries in Bangladesh, unfortunately. In the last decade, Bangladesh has opened many embassies in different countries, but apart from Brazil, no new country has opened any resident mission in Dhaka. The number of missions in Dhaka has been stuck at 48 since at least a decade! Many countries where we have our embassies abroad, they don't have any mission in BD. For visa matters, Bangladeshis have to visit Delhi or send their documents by post etc. Dhaka needs at least 10-15 new foreign missions. Countries such as Mexico, Argentina, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Jordan, and Lebanon really need to consider opening resident missions in Dhaka.
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