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  1. It should be the other way around isn't it? BAF needs to get training for EFT pilots on a big scale from Britain and Italy. F-16 training can be taken in Turkey, Pakistan, Singapore and US itself.
  2. I heard from a friend in BMTF they will build these APCs from this year at their factory.
  3. Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Bangladesh High Commissioner to India Syed Muazzem Ali are both dead.
  4. Instead of simply buying more aircraft or developing new routes on their own Biman can join partnership programs such as the Star Alliance. The alliance will offer more routes and generate extra revenue for Biman. Biman's arrival times and its aircraft fleet are some of the best in the world.
  5. Japan will make $30 billion investment in Chittagong region alone. The progress of their works are faster compared to Chinese companies. Generally speaking the GoB has taken a preference for Japanese investments.
  6. BPC can decrease the cost of supplying oil to the northern fegion further by carrying the oil by waterways up river. Navigability will be the main issue there.
  7. Its hilarious to read your comments because you don't have a clue about BN planning. - MH-60R or AW-159 would be used on new frigates. The OPVs indicated a rating for 11-ton helicopters. - BN is raising its own MSAR helicopter squadron. - BN is purchasing ASW simulator drones to mimic enemy submarines. - ASW happens to be the most complex naval operation you can imagine.
  8. What makes you fit to judge an entire force? Attack helicopers have their place, so does MRCA. BAF is buying 56 aircraft this fiscal. An org of its size needs time to absorb the equipment because infratructure, personnel, POLs, munitions, support elements all have to be put in place. There are very few 'poor countries' buying so many new aircraft like Bangladesh does. I say this knowing Bangladesh is a LDC, buying Apache attack helicopters. Its unheard of!
  9. According to BSFs assessment the BGB needs a manpower of 140,000 to secure Bangladesh's borders. There are half that amount now!!
  10. There should be three maritime search and rescue helicopter, UAV, MPA detachments under the BAF operational command in CTG, BAR, KHUL.
  11. There will always be collection defecits because the NBR puts higher KPI in order to create pressure on reaching or exceeding some reserve targets they don't publicise. If we take in to account the independent evaluation of the country's economy then it still looks rosy. I'm counting on Padma bridge, Payra DSP, Khan Jahan Ali airport combined to add at least 1.5% to the economy. This includes rail road network being laid from Payra.
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