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  1. Although we do need other countries to open up missions in Bangladesh, the fact of the matter is that these countries don't have enough of it's citizens residing in Bangladesh for them to warrant opening missions here. Although it does a lot of benefit in terms of diplomatic relations, the presence of embassies are mainly to serve their own citizens in a foreign country. Frankly, there isn't a lot of citizens from those countries living in Bangladesh.
  2. I don't know if this is the right place to post this question but I can't think of anywhere else at the moment. Can someone tell me if Bangladesh maintains a black budget? From my understanding, all countries (or most) have black budgets (money allocated for undisclosed projects). Can someone clear this up? I don't want to know the amount but I just wanna know if they do actually maintain one or not.
  3. Sad to say we will never reach any agreements with India as much as our govt. tries. We will not be able to stop border killings, no agreement for Teesta will be reached and India forever will try to bully us as much as possible.
  4. This feels like a misstep by the authorities, instead of clearing out forests and vegetation from that area they should've cleared out the people living in those areas. Sort of like having a habitation free zone before the actual border. Will save a lot of trouble in the long run.
  5. The whole fiasco of the YAKs were that the AF planners put too much hope into the Russian deal. So much so that they made the tender specifically for the Russians giving them an insane amount of leverage to ask for whatever price they wanted. They also put so much faith into this deal that they bought Russian specific AJTs. Not gonna debate on the price as the exact amount might never be disclosed. Keeping all that aside, now that we are going towards EFTs, it makes sense that we cover up our losses somehow and employ these YAKs as a complimentary trainer as well as a LAC. Who knows, if the MMRCA deal goes to the Russians (Su-30/35) then the YAKs won't be a waste at all at that point. But, I will give you that the procurement of the YAKs were a waste NOT when they were bought but because of the events that happened after.
  6. Even if all that manpower is acquired, they need to act responsibly and not endorse bribery and ferrying of drugs across the border. Regardless of reports, it's apparent that without the help of the BGB, this much drugs and other stuff won't come through the border. More technology will help decrease the gap in manpower the BGB has.
  7. Let's not go into the election debacle that happened. As you can see, the US hasn't even figured out what happened as of yet. But the more important point is as hard as it is to admit, Trump needs to stay. He really is decisive (not a fan of most of his decisions) but he actually does what he thinks is good for the US. Sanders will never be able to close the bases down as Congress won't allow it and if nothing changes, will still have a majority of the opposition in power there. As long as that happens, no bases will be shutdown. Let me remind you that Obama wasn't able to close down GitMo or pull troops from Afghanistan fully the two terms he was in power.
  8. The issue with BAF is very simple. They change their minds in the turn of a dime. Not always their fault as we didn't comprehend that Russia would charge so much for Su-30s and Su-35s. The US has it's own complex mechanism so having US fighters wasn't on the tables then. That's all fine so far as that is not in our hands.But someone explain to me the need of YAK-130s. Wasn't it meant to be a trainer/LAC for our AF given that we were gunning for Russian MRCAs then? Now we are going for EFTs and by the looks of it, it is pretty damn certain at this point. Won't we need another model of trainers for these or are we gonna still use YAKs? Other than that, what wrong has BAF done in the last 3 years? They bought radars, they bought transport aircraft, MRO plants, BAC and so on and so forth. So where else is their mistake. All I can see is that they haven't bought anything for a long time which is why we are so behind and now that they're gearing up to push forward and hasten their progress, they're still getting flak from us. Why is that?
  9. Didn't know exactly what to quote from the post above because it seems comprehensive enough. Don't forget Bangladesh has a foreign reserve of 33B. In case of emergencies, that can always be used to bring an insane amount of fighters to the arsenal. The only issue is with trained pilots and I feel Bangladesh does have a decent batch that can operate the upcoming MRCAs and MMRCAs. This also makes sense given the timing of these and I'm pretty sure EFT capable pilots were being trained from Esrar's time. Once the MRCA issue is knocked out of the park, pretty sure we shall be hearing about the MMRCA deal near the end of the year as the BoB is a very strategically important area for us.
  10. I fail to understand why the heck BGB doesn't employ a bigger force along the border we have with Myanmar. Sure, a lot of the land is inaccessible but we could employ the help of technology to have a better presence along that part of the border. Not only does that help curb aggression from the other side but also should help solve a lot of the drug trade crisis going on over there.
  11. Couldn't agree with this more and from the looks of it, it seems like we are on that track. Sadly, wouldn't be able to kick out China just yet but we have started to warm up to our Western friends (US, UK, Italy and whatnot, not our neighbors). I feel not only this year but the next 3 years at least would be the AF's year. Please don't forget to be grateful towards our ex-CAS Esrar and the current one.
  12. From the looks of it, since the President has already made the announcement for the hardware, either the money has been secured for it or it has already been signed and the money for it has already been locked away. Sure, wording is a touchy subject here as no one has definitively said anything about it being concluded so you can imagine that the money has already been allocated for it worst case scenario. As our fiscal year starts from June and the announcement has been made before June, you can rest assured the money is from the previous budget for the AF (not the one officially declared last year don't get me wrong). As for the defense budget, won't increase significantly as we have a lot of development projects in the pipeline and majority money would be going towards there. Don't worry about anything else as Bangladesh seems to be in the right track with the way she is handling her business given the circumstances.
  13. There are ways to break ships and not destroy the environment and health of their workers and still have a decent profit margin. But these shipbreaking company owners are too thick in the head to even take those steps. All they care about is the short term profit and not the sustainability in the long term.
  14. This is a textbook example of how Bangladeshi politics is detrimental to the country's development. Imagine they went ahead with the project 4 years ago, it would've been almost half done at this point and in the next 5 years would've become operational (given that there are no delays) the new airport itself would've eased more congestion in Dhaka than the Metrorail itself (people travelling from Banani-Gulshan-Dhanmondi to Uttara in the morning can testify to that). Pair that up with the new Padma bridge and you get one of the most efficient airport in Bangladesh history. With Biman's extended fleet, we'd be flying to more destinations directly than we could ever imagine.
  15. I'm sure you know about the state of the power distribution board. eventually they are gonna reach everyone, it is just going to take time.
  16. Oh no definitely not wasting resources. Army has been buying quality stuff and there's no argument to that. The quantities were what confused me. I meant Cobra IIs when I said Cobras. I just wanted to know which divisions will be using it and if there's an inherent difference in their abilities that's all. Thanks for clearing that out.
  17. Glad I found someone who has the same viewpoint. I was worried I'll be called a Rajakar for even mentioning that Bangladesh should have a better relation with Pakistan. Seeing the way Imran Khan is going, this is prime time for us to put aside some differences as it seems he might be coming back for another term as of now and we need to make the most of it.
  18. From the quantities, it seems like Cobras are gonna be more generally deployed MRAPs and the MaxxPro ones are gonna be for special units? Please forgive me if this was answered before but I'm a bit confused.
  19. Still stuck in the colonial mentality. We love to be oppressed rather than think for ourselves.
  20. How would you expect a growth in this market? Bangladeshis flock to India or Singapore whenever they come across anything that they think won't be solved in Bangladesh. The state of the public hospitals are horrendous, while private hospitals charge exorbitant rates. This industry should be looked into more as we have a growing middleclass and they are the ones availing the services of the private hospitals.
  21. As far as reports say, power transmission projects are going side by side with power generation projects. It takes time to build powerplants and comparatively no time to build transmission lines. The gap needs to be there to account for especially higher rates of power consumption (ex: summertime compared to winter). Safe to say the numbers are for estimating total capacity and not that Bangladesh churns out that many watts everyday.
  22. Bro I think you're forgetting that they use cement as a side dish to all the radioactive grass they consume. Their egos aside, I think Pakistan can be a good ally in terms of just countering India. Bring back the assumption that India needs to keep their eyes on BOTH the Eastern and the Western borders. Other than that, Pakistan has nothing to offer Bangladesh.
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