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  1. After Nevada, Sanders is the clear front runner. He will win super Tuesday for sure if he can close the gap enough is south carolina.
  2. Death penalty without proper judicial system rarely ever works though. We need to ensure strict implementation of the law first. Just making semantic changes which is not enforceable will not deter the criminals.
  3. yes Euro fighter Typhoon. As far as I know, most sources anticipating the upcoming 16 planes to be either EFT or F-16 block 70/72. Some less reliable sources also claiming it will be mig-35, but I don't think that is true.
  4. Not an admin, but I believe you are actually encouraged to share forum link to as many friends as possible.
  5. Unfortunately, it's been a common practice for ages to be honest, we also put full Bangladeshi umpires in our home matches sometimes.
  6. Hahaha, had I known this back then, I would've commented more.
  7. This performance just shows how 'broken' we are without Shakib in t20 specially. I just hope he can come back strongly in future.
  8. Question, do these restricted forum areas also cover the current Bangladesh Armed Forces section on the top? Asking because I cannot seem to access them anymore.
  9. Yeah, I am. Sorry I don't exactly remember that username anymore, it was so long ago. I lurked almost one hundred percent of the time back then, as I didn't feel I know enough to participate the discussions. So doubt anyone will recognize me. But thanks to those discussions, I have developed a permanent habit of keeping of tabs on our armed forces procurement haha.
  10. Guess someone should open a new thread for introducing new members.
  11. Thanks, glad to be here. I am personally very curious about the military affairs of the country and in general. I am following bdmilitary since its pre Facebook era in the old forum from around 2009-2010s. Its good to see you guys going back to that system again. I have always found facebook groups to be too messy for following focused discussions.
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