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  1. They ran out of money and could not even complete the Army's LCT orders.
  2. Myanmar is building a powerful air defence system to prolong their isolation. They will be a victim of their own success like North Korea.
  3. The Bangladesh Ministry of Defence (MoD) has signed Government-to-Government (G2G) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Turkey’s Defence Industries or the Savunma Sanayii Başkanı for purchasing Roketsan’s products to equip the Bangladesh Armed Forces with NATO standard air, land and naval warfare equipment. https://www.defseca.com/military/bangladesh-turkey-sign-defence-purchase-agreements/
  4. I'm no longer active on Facebook because of the fact its downright toxic.
  5. I've been extremely busy with professional commitments but I'll contribute what I can besides all of your efforts.
  6. Forum software has been upgraded. Contact or invite whoever required to rebuild our 'BDMilitary Forum' again.
  7. We should make some efforts to revitalise this forum. What's your opinion members?
  8. India's foreign policy is rather shallow and under Modi its becoming more insular because it has withdrawn very much from its international commitments. Hamstrung by US and Israeli alliance it has become a new milking cow for Western military hardware manufacturers who are using their servile agents in India to create a big fear factor in Indian society about the threat from China. From banning of Chinese origin mobile apps to boycott of Chinese products they are going backwards daily. China does not have to defeat India militarily. It will just buy India out of everything. Moreover China will now exploit India's poor relations with its neighbouring countries to further hem it in.
  9. Bangladesh stops trading with India at land borders after India refused to allow Bangladeshi imports. This could be a retaliation by India for the Chinese allowing tax-free import of Bangladeshi goods. If this continues Bangladesh will adopt stronger measures at diplomatic level and possibly take up the matter with the World Trade Organisation (WTO). India benefits far more than Bangladesh does in terms of trade and ultimately Bangladesh will replace Indian imports with alternatives from China, Pakistan, Myanmar, Egypt and Turkey. Its really not wise for India to push this further as they will make their own population suffer because those Indian traders rely on exports to Bangladesh.
  10. Most of the Chinese engineers returned to Bangladesh however the authorities are operating a single shift due to COVID19, instead of two as before.
  11. Try to use more formal language here because this is for more mature audiences.
  12. First off stop posting the same comments in every thread. It won't get you access here and secondly your account has not been verified. You need to introduce yourself here and follow the forum rules. That means actively participate and contribute/add value to the forum discussions. I don't want to see such repeated posts from you here.
  13. Use Ctrl and + keys on your keyboard to adjust your browsers viewing magnification level.
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