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  1. They ran out of money and could not even complete the Army's LCT orders.
  2. Myanmar is building a powerful air defence system to prolong their isolation. They will be a victim of their own success like North Korea.
  3. The Bangladesh Ministry of Defence (MoD) has signed Government-to-Government (G2G) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Turkey’s Defence Industries or the Savunma Sanayii Başkanı for purchasing Roketsan’s products to equip the Bangladesh Armed Forces with NATO standard air, land and naval warfare equipment. https://www.defseca.com/military/bangladesh-turkey-sign-defence-purchase-agreements/
  4. I'm no longer active on Facebook because of the fact its downright toxic.
  5. I've been extremely busy with professional commitments but I'll contribute what I can besides all of your efforts.
  6. Forum software has been upgraded. Contact or invite whoever required to rebuild our 'BDMilitary Forum' again.
  7. We should make some efforts to revitalise this forum. What's your opinion members?
  8. India's foreign policy is rather shallow and under Modi its becoming more insular because it has withdrawn very much from its international commitments. Hamstrung by US and Israeli alliance it has become a new milking cow for Western military hardware manufacturers who are using their servile agents in India to create a big fear factor in Indian society about the threat from China. From banning of Chinese origin mobile apps to boycott of Chinese products they are going backwards daily. China does not have to defeat India militarily. It will just buy India out of everything. Moreover China will now exploit India's poor relations with its neighbouring countries to further hem it in.
  9. Bangladesh stops trading with India at land borders after India refused to allow Bangladeshi imports. This could be a retaliation by India for the Chinese allowing tax-free import of Bangladeshi goods. If this continues Bangladesh will adopt stronger measures at diplomatic level and possibly take up the matter with the World Trade Organisation (WTO). India benefits far more than Bangladesh does in terms of trade and ultimately Bangladesh will replace Indian imports with alternatives from China, Pakistan, Myanmar, Egypt and Turkey. Its really not wise for India to push this further as they will make their own population suffer because those Indian traders rely on exports to Bangladesh.
  10. Most of the Chinese engineers returned to Bangladesh however the authorities are operating a single shift due to COVID19, instead of two as before.
  11. Try to use more formal language here because this is for more mature audiences.
  12. First off stop posting the same comments in every thread. It won't get you access here and secondly your account has not been verified. You need to introduce yourself here and follow the forum rules. That means actively participate and contribute/add value to the forum discussions. I don't want to see such repeated posts from you here.
  13. Use Ctrl and + keys on your keyboard to adjust your browsers viewing magnification level.
  14. Think about what you are asking. Why would anybody admit to that even if there was such a thing, which there is not? Its not cloaks and daggers. Everything is transparent.
  15. Bangladesh to resume limited-scale int’l flight operation on June 16 Bangladesh has decided to resume international flight operation in a limited scale from June 16 after nearly three months of flight suspension for containing outbreak of COVOD-19 pandemic. “We will resume Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight on Dhaka-London-Dhaka route and have given permission to Qatar Airways to initially operate three weekly flight on Dhoa-Dhaka-Doha sector in condition of carrying only transit passengers after June 15,” Civil Aviation and Tourism Secretary Mohibul Haque told BSS today. The senior secretary said the Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh (CAAB) has taken all preparations to operate the international flight following the health guideline of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). “Firstly, we will operate a weekly flight of Biman on London route. If we get enough passengers, we will make it daily gradually as like as the previous regular schedule,” he said. Haque said the government would like to reestablish air connectivity with the outer world in a limited scale while the country has almost been cut off from the globe as currently flight operation remains open with China only. He said as per the government decision, all the returnee Bangladeshis would have to be sent to a 14-day institutional quarantine if they fail to show COVID-19 negative certificate at the airport on their arrival here. Meanwhile, the CAAB issued a circular regarding the decision, saying that airlines must follow its health guideline of ensuring hygiene and social distancing while operating the international flights. On May 28 the government extended the ongoing suspension on commercial scheduled international flights for seventh time till June 15 to and from Bahrain, Bhutan, Hongkong, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, and the UK. From June 1, Bangladesh resumed domestic flight operations after more than two months on a limited scale. Meanwhile, different countries, including India, the USA, the UK, India, Japan, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Bhutan, Myanmar and different European countries so far operated several special chartered flights amid the flight suspension to repatriate their citizens from here. Bangladesh government also facilitated chartered flights to bring back its nationals from a number of countries, including India, the USA, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.
  16. You will see Bangladesh Coast Guard with 24 new rescue boats very shortly from our Japanese friends. https://www.defseca.com/procurements/japan-provides-24-rescue-and-patrol-boats-to-bangladesh-coast-guard/
  17. The Government of Bangladesh announced the nation’s highest ever defence and internal security budget since independence for Fiscal Year 2020-21 with a revised budget set to cross $7 billion. https://www.defseca.com/military/bangladesh-announces-7-billion-defence-security-budget/
  18. Mystery: Can you provide us with the name/class, specification for this new harbour patrol boat for Bangladesh Coast Guard?
  19. CID’s DNA Bank resumes operation The DNA Laboratory of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has been renamed DNA Bank containing DNA profiles of people. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina officially inaugurated the Forensic DNA Laboratory of CID, a specialised unit of Bangladesh Police, on January 23, 2017. Now, the DNA Laboratory has started its activities after being renamed DNA Bank from Monday last, said Additional SP (Media) of the CID Faruk Hossain. Since its inception, the laboratory has done profiling of 20,000 DNAs from more than 16,000 evidence for nearly 6,000 cases, including rape, unidentified body identification, paternity dispute/settlement, robbery, and murder, which have been saved in the servers of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), he said. The process of DNA profiling started from January 2014 following a court order. Forensic DNA Laboratory of Bangladesh Police had received first evidence (alamot) on February 15 that year. The profiles of the criminals stored in the DNA bank play an important role in identifying the person. So far, about 15,000 profiles related to various cases are stored in the bank. “These will help to easily identify the suspects later,” Additional SP Faruk Hossain said. The DNA profiles of the criminals stored in the forensic DNA laboratory play a very important role in investigation. Analysing of all the clues related to criminal and civil cases is done at Forensic DNA labs. To date, with the help of DNA Lab, CID and Bangladesh Police have been able to solve numerous cases. At present, forensic DNA labs receive hundreds of cases from various courts and police stations across the country and send reports within the stipulated time. By analysing the DNA profiles stored in the DNA Database, it is possible to identify a missing or unidentified person if the claimant or relative of the unknown or missing person is found. The Forensic DNA Laboratory of Bangladesh Police project, funded by JDCF of Japan government, started in August 2011 and ended in June 2015.
  20. This is actually why certification of individuals is not to be undertaken. They can either contract the virus at a later time or even forge the documents. It opens up another headache. Instead if any person wants to fly overseas they should be isolated for 14 days at a hotel before they get to board the flight with tests carried out each morning until zero hour. It will be expensive but its what expatriates should expect if they want to fly out of Bangladesh at all otherwise more countries will ban flights from Bangladesh in this embarrassing manner.
  21. Japan now bans chartered flights from Bangladesh Biman Published: 10 Jun 2020 11:31 PM BdST Updated: 10 Jun 2020 11:34 PM BdST Japan has put a moratorium on all chartered flights operated by Biman Bangladesh Airlines alongside a ban on regular flights amid the coronavirus pandemic. It has emerged that the latest restrictions came as two people tested positive for coronavirus after flying to Japan on special Biman flights. But the state minister for civil aviation and tourism as well as the civil aviation secretary has blamed the Embassy of Japan in Dhaka for the problem. They pointed out that it was the mission that arranged the trip; Biman only let them hire its jet. No comment from the Japanese embassy was immediately available. Bangladesh is preparing to reopen international flights later this month. Md Mahbub Ali, the state minister for civil aviation, said, “A restriction has been placed on conducting flights from Bangladesh to Japan. I heard that two people tested positive for coronavirus after flying to Japan on a special flight of Biman.” Bangladesh sent two embassy officials to Japan on a chartered flight in April. Later, Tokyo banned entry of chartered flights from Bangladesh, said Md Mohibul Haque, the civil aviation secretary. He added that the list of passengers on that plane was not prepared by Biman, or the ministry or the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh. “The Japanese embassy had chartered our flights. Now the same country has banned chartered flights from Bangladesh. We have said the Japanese embassy is responsible for the issue as the embassy made the list of people who will get on the flight. They simply wanted an aeroplane from Biman.” “Now the blame is being pinned on us. We are not responsible for someone testing positive after flying there. So it is not our fault in anyway,” Secretary Mohibul said. He said the regular flights to and from Japan will be restored once the air connectivity returns to normal, and mentioned that an air service agreement had been reached with the East Asian country. “We’ve published notice for appointment of a GSA [general sales agent] there. Regular flights [to Japan] will resume once the jobs are done,” the secretary said. Citing a conversation with Japanese Ambassador Ito Naoki on Wednesday, Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said Japan is hopeful about the resumption of flights for the sake of trade.
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