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  1. During Sheikh Hasina's four-day visit to New Delhi in April 2017, Bangladesh and India signed two defence agreements, the first such agreements between India and any of its neighbours. Under the agreements, the militaries of the two countries will conduct joint exercises and training. India will help Bangladesh set up manufacturing and service centres for defence platforms that both countries possess with the aim of achieving self-sufficiency in defence manufacturing in Bangladesh, and will also provide the Bangladesh military with expert training, and technical and logistic support. India also extended its first ever defence-related line of credit to a neighbouring country, by providing Bangladesh with $500 million to purchase defence equipment. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/india-to-sign-two-major-defence-deals-with-bangladesh/articleshow/58068508.cms
  2. Para SF contingent marching on the occasion of Republic Day Parade.
  3. Bangladesh shouldn't have visited Pakistan purely on safety grounds. They tried to use Bangladesh as you said to prove 'safe Pakistan'.
  4. The grand parade is held in the capital, New Delhi, from Raisina Hill near the Rashtrapati Bhavan (President's House), along the Rajpath, past India Gate and on to the historic Red Fort.
  5. The vessel has a length of about 122 meters, a width of 22 meters for a total displacement of 11,300 tons. The vessel has an endurance of 30 days at sea and a range of 8,600 nautical miles. It is now the largest vessels in the Myanmar Navy fleet. As any LPD, the Moattama is designed for amphibious operations, transportation of personnel as well as disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. It has a well deck and two helicopter spots + hangar. The introduction of LPD capability may give the Myanmar Navy a new force projection capability along with Kilo-class submarine that might be problematic for Bangladesh Navy itself.
  6. As an Indian I feel Bangladesh is our closest neighbour not just physically but politically also. Its economy is only second to India's own and its developing rapidly in to an important powerhouse economy of Asia. I'd like the Indian government itself to design a pro-active foreign policy that recognises the greatness of Bangladesh as an important if not equal partner of India in security, defence, economic, political, cultural cooperations. We are connected in history, let us grow stronger together to harness our strengths, fight our threats together.
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