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  1. I personally don't but I had one of my aunts lose all her land after her relatives bribed officials to help obtain fake documents.
  2. I agree but what I'm to say is many powerful people are getting rid of rivals by using the war on drugs as a pretext. How do I know this ? I don't need to .... Being a Bangladeshi and knowing our countrymen I know full well how dirty some in power play. That said I must add, kill drug peddlers on sight and anyone caught consuming drugs should be given heavy punishment. Drug addicts and drunkards do nothing for the country, they're better dead than sucking up government resources. If they mend their ways and stay drug free good for them.
  3. While this is all fine, I wonder about the many innocents and anti government individuals silenced by the security forces under the guise of the so called war on drugs.
  4. BGB ought to shoot a couple Indians dead near the border regardless of provocation, I'm tired of reading about innocent Bangladeshi men, women and children being shot dead by the trigger happy BSF. Time to set the records straight and trade lives for lives.
  5. Any ideas about the actual combat capabilities of the Myanmar armed forces beyond their own borders? Surely the regime must know that they can't wage all out war against Bangladesh. It will cripple their already limping economy, create a power vacuum for the secessionists to exploit, damage their inexistent international reputation. Lastly, do they even have the manpower pool to carryout a long term war? Seeing as Bangladesh has 160M+ population, our manpower pool must looms large over them. Our ethnic homogeneity and intense love for the motherland's hard fought sovereignty will surely be something the genocidal regime will have to think about before trying anything.
  6. If the perpetrators of this genocide; Myanmar, get to walk away scratch free it will indeed be a gross miscarriage of justice and only embolden the regime in Myanmar and other like them around the World. One must wonder had the rohingya been Christian or white Europeans the situation would have been very different.
  7. Really excited about the Apache purchase, but I reckon they should get another 8 - 16 units. Regardless, looking forward to see what more the armed forces can obtain from the US now that the initial steps have been made.
  8. Really disappointed with the teams performance, Feeling somewhat angry at mushfiq for abandoning the team when we need him the most. Can't wait for Shakib to be back.
  9. Upgrading the fleet is fine but they need to do something about the God awful Airports in Bangladesh, especially Dhaka. Airports are the first glimpse foreigners get of a country, and let's just say currently the first impressions they get isn't too good.
  10. Bangladesh should increase its economic and political cooperation with Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka & Maldives to keep the Indians from being overly adventurous. Pakistan is a fallen tiger and can no longer keep India in check, therefore Bangladesh has to step up and use its new found international and subcontinental reputation to keep the Status quo alive. Currently only Bangladesh can match India in the region in terms of development anyway.
  11. While I agree that building more of such coal fired powerplants will be detrimental to the environment and won't help with improving air quality, one has to think about it with a realistic mindset.... Bangladesh alongside many other countries of the world haven't yet reached that level of advancement and development that they can write off cheap and effective methods of power generation such as coal fired powerplants. However, I must say they should build these only after assessing the potential ecological damage and I completely disagree with building the powerplants near Sundarbans.
  12. Something I've noticed time and time again and especially under Mahatir, Malaysia and Turkey are the only two countries that speak up about the plight of Muslims and don't bow down to western pressure unlike the Arab sellouts.
  13. Hello my dear Bangladeshis, greetings from Kuwait. Very nice to finally see a Bangladeshi forum, looking forward to interacting with everyone and having good discussions. Joy Bangla!
  14. Hello, where should I introduce myself. Not a pdf member but a lurker reading posts there for years now.
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