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  1. True indeed. But I suspect the models those are being manufactured in Bangladesh are basically low to mid-end phones. We will still require to import the high end phones in coming years although the market share of these phones is low.
  2. I was a member of bdmilitary and all bdmilitary FB pages/groups. Two days back on the FB page I saw a post instructing to join this forum. @Syed Amar Khan
  3. I was astonished when I came to know that their share in mobile phone market was over 80% back in 2014. Also, the entrepreneurs are definitely Bangladeshi citizens who were graduated from IBA.
  4. Besides Symphony, Walton is also making and marketing Made in Bangladesh mobile phones.
  5. What impress me a lot is India is still trying to stick to it's tradition. @Amit Sahani
  6. Hello everyone, this is Rashid Rahman from Dhaka. Hope to interact with you in coming days through this forum.
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