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  1. https://news.yahoo.com/amphtml/eurofighter-vs-russias-su-35-053000990.html
  2. https://www.defensenews.com/global/asia-pacific/2020/05/21/indian-air-force-restructures-17-billion-fighter-jet-program/
  3. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidaxe/2020/05/18/maybe-india-will-get-its-super-f-16-after-all/amp/
  4. Patiently and eagerly looking forward to it. I hope BAF accomplishes and realises all the dream acquisitions on their part and on our part as well.
  5. Your facts are true in all terms, however; given the lack of manpower and inadequate weapons they can still hold their ground and give a good bashing to the monkeys and bhindians around us. But certainly time has come to focus on this rather neglected first line of defence, period.
  6. Now, I love The reaction of the Pakis and even Indians when these stats come up on newspapers and released by International economic agencies. Priceless.. lol
  7. Bangladesh shouldn’t have accepted the invitation and at the same time shouldn’t blame the security situation to subdue their miserable exhibition of cricket. After Shakib’s ban the team has lost that pizzazz that ummf factor. They desperately need a morale booster. However, playing with second rate teams like Zimbabwe would do no good for Bangladesh. They need good quality oppositions to improve win and boost the confidence of the entire team as a whole.
  8. I hope we can increase the defence budget to about 8 billion this time. We are getting European and US hardwares which requires extra bucks to buy the required armaments and accessories relating to these heavy weight purchases.
  9. That’s a buzz kill, AFD rejecting AW-152 wildcats and going for MH-60R Sea Hawks instead. Maybe the Seahawks are from surplus US military stock. The price must have been substantially reduced due to that factor.
  10. BN should take up the opportunity of buying p-8 Poseidons and more AH-64E hellis. They should also look into the avenue of buying M-777 artillery pieces as well as scout helis for the army aviation.
  11. Chinese brands Xiaomi and Huawei now face high taxes as they have no plants in Bangladesh, which is why they are planning to set up factories in the country, said market insiders. Three other brands -- 5-Star, Winstar and Lava -- have also their plants in Bangladesh. Both Transsion and Symphony are mulling over opening plants to manufacture mobile accessories, which is seeing a rising demand.
  12. Hopefully, Biman starts flight to Sydney and Toronto. Need that route to be up and running asap
  13. Good initiative, hope to see it completed in the near future. Finally, will get to say that my country has a world class airport which i will feel proud when i step outside the airplane.
  14. Signed up today. Have been following bdmilitary for a long time and have been an active member on defseca for quite sometime now. Signed up today however i am having problems getting into the forum topics. If the administrators of this forum could please assist me on this. thanks
  15. Hi there, i am a new member to this forum. Hope to havenumerous constructive and informative journey with bdmilitary in the future
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