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  1. BAF received several trainers from China few days back. Hopefully we are getting back to business within this pandemic situation. Good sign for the nation.
  2. I am going of topic here, Yes, you are right, their capability should have been better. But they are still considered a super power though there are serious deficiencies. They do have a voice in lot of things that goes around the world.
  3. I will not call them a paper tiger. Otherwise China would have a cake walk in Galwan. India might rely on foreign suppliers but they can hold their own. Most importantly they have nationalistic leaders working for indian interest. For any country that is very imoportant. Indian defense forces will move forward because of their leaders. It might be slow and probably waste a lot of money but it is their money. So in a way they have the money as well.
  4. We have crisis in every sector. This Corona Virus gave us a clear picture where we actually stand no matter what GOB says. Defense budget will probably not get any cut nor will it increase. Our dependence on remittance has taken a huge hit and we will feel the pinch soon. To tell the truth we might have come out from the branding as a "bottomless basket" but now we can be termed as a nation of empty dreams. empty promises but with a loud mouth to back it up. Sorry for going off topic.
  5. Well this will continue for the foreseeable future. I do not think our leadership is strong enough to change the situation. Kothai sudhu amra boro.
  6. They might not show it in their parade to keep us in the dark. Either way we are falling behind and this Corona virus is further aggravating the situation.
  7. Well, the projects inauguration will be delayed by how many months, who knows? Delays were man made till now but currently it is the nature. Hope for the best.
  8. Corona Virus has probably delayed our defense acquisition by years. I will be very surprised if things go according to plan.
  9. Mismanagement all the way. I wonder how they show their face. And at the end of the month they take a big hefty salary home paid with our money.
  10. Not long before, we used to hear Myanmar Air force uses mecenary pilots, blah, blah etc. Now they are ahead. We are just turning out to be just big mouths. I do not think we will have any advantage in the near future in terms of air warfare. And once the air superiority fails, navy and land forces will be sitting ducks. There is no solution for us to come out of this hole we find ourselves in currently.
  11. If BAF can not get a full squadron of MRCA by 2022 and moves ahead in procuring additional potent aircrafts in numbers we will be in a serious disadvantage. I guess catching up with our neighbours will be so hard in the next decade.
  12. Well, the pictures show their capabilities. My question what are we doing to counter it? We need to do it fast.BAF have slept a lot.
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