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  1. So, France may provide loan if we choose to buy Rafale it seems.
  2. But a port in the southern part is required outside the Chittagong area. If all the ports are in the same region, there will be heavy traffic congestion as there is only one entry point to that region. This will increase the lead time and cost of business. Ultimately it will reduce the 'ease of doing business'. Also the security risk I discussed above.
  3. Following the current demand pattern, BD may not need another deep sea port in next 30 years once Matarbari becomes operational. Also we have several extension projects for Chittagong port. And it would be wise to expand Matarbari instead of constructing another port if demand increases. However, geopolitical situation may force us to have a Chinese-financed port in the country. In that case we should encourage China to invest in Payra instead of Sonadia. Payra, may not be feasible financially due to high siltation rate, will offer another port outside Chittagong-Cox's Bazar axis. In case of any conflict with Myanmar, Payra can be handy. Also, that axis is connected to the other parts of the country via Feni corridor only. If enemy succeeds to cut-off the Feni corridor, the only option left will be Payra as Mongla is too shallow. But adding another port in the same Chittagong-Cox's Bazar axis won't help too much.
  4. Whats wrong with these BSF? Creating unnecessary problems at the boarder for the last few months. Maybe their wine supply has stopped resulting in these type of behavior.
  5. Boat details: Characteristics: Length OA: 14.70 m. Length WL: 13.95 m. Breadth mld: 5.10 m (Overall for wide deck) & 4.74 m (at Waterline for efficiency). Depth mld: 1.50 m. Draught Loaded (Max): 1.00 m. Displacement: Net Wt-13.1 Ton (Light Ship), Gross Wt-17.5 Ton (Max). No of Engines: 02 X 301 BHP Cummins QSB6.7, USA. Gen Set: 02 X 22.5 KW Cummins 27.5MDKBT, USA Max Speed: 16 Knots. Cruising Speed: 12 Knots. Survey Speed: 5 Knots. Endurance at Economic Speed: 415 nm at 12 Knots. Complement: 08 Sensors: 01 X Navigation Radar with multi role display (Japan). 01 X Magnetic Compass (Japan). 01 X GPS receiver (FURUNO). 01 X Echo Sounder (KODEN). 01 X Rudder angle Indicator. 01 X VHF Set (ICOM). 02 X VHF Walkie Talkie Set (ICOM/Motorola). Research and survey equipment: 01 X Hull Mounted Multi-Beam Echo Sounder (USA). 01 X Hull Mounted Single Beam Echo Sounder (USA). 01 X DGPS Receiver (USA). 01 X Sound Velocity Profiler (UK).
  6. This is not true. Yes, some plants are running at a lower capacity but it is never 30%. Even at worst case, the efficiency is around 60-65%. And this case true for the plants which were commissioned before 2010. So this small amount does not affect the total generation capacity so much. According to the BPDB website, as of today, total generation capacity is 19630 MW and derated capacity is 19107 MW which is only 3% less. Event "available capacity" surpassed thetotal demand around 4-5 years ago. The only reason of loadshedding is the poor quality and inability of the transmission and distribution lines. For a long period, power transmission and distribution network was ngelected. Recently, a lot of distribution projects have been taken but most of them will be complete post 2025. No significant plans have been made for the power transmission lines still now. This is creating a bottleneck in the power system. Most of the plants are running at a lower capacity because the transmission and distribution network wouldnot be able to carry so much power. As a result, loadsheddings are still present in the country.
  7. The quick rentals and all other oil-base plants needed to be shut down ASAP. Within next three years, all big power plants (Rooppur, Rampal, Matarbari etc) will be active so all the private plants with the capacity less than 200MW should be shut down gradually. At the same time, a lot of money should be spent on the transmission and distribution network upgradation projects.
  8. Do BD have the balls to do that? Didn't we report them in WTO last year for similar reason? Any knows any update of that?
  9. Country’s biggest power plant starts commercial operation With this, country’s power generation capacity reached to 19,630 megawatts The commercial commissioning of the first unit of the country's largest coal-fired Payra Power Plant project in Patuakhali has officially started at 5.30pm Thursday. Due to pandemic situation, the station started operation without any publicity. With this, country's power generation capacity reached to 19,630 megawatts (excluding captive power). AM Khurshedul Alam, acting managing director of the Bangladesh-China Power Company Limited (BCPCL), the project implementing company, confirmed it to the The Business Standard. The unit with 660 megawatts capacity came into the operation, when country is power saturated. Moreover, increased power generation capacity has now become a burden for the power sector as electricity demand reportedly dropped by 30 percent. Therefore, the plant is likely to become an economic burden for Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) as it will need to pay about Tk 160 crore in capacity charge every month apart from the energy purchase cost. The Payra power plant project, launched in March 2016 following a Bangladesh-China joint venture. Earlier, the BCPCL had a plan to go for the commissioning in the first week of February. The test run of the first phase of the Payra 1,320MW Thermal Power Plant project, delayed by a year, finally started on January 13 this year. However, the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus impeded the commercial commissioning of the country's largest coal-fired power plant project in Patuakhali. The plant's two units are expected to generate 1,320MW power once the project is completed.
  10. With this budget they tried to buy six US made choppers! This is quite hilarious.
  11. Bangladesh plans Tk 2 trillion development budget for FY21 amid virus crisis The government has drafted an Annual Development Programme to the tune of more than Tk 2.05 trillion for 2020-21 fiscal year amid the coronavirus crisis. The Planning Commission cleared the draft in a meeting presided over by Planning Minister MA Mannan on Tuesday, Planning Secretary Md Nurul Amin said. It will be presented at the National Economic Council meeting, to be chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, for final approval on May 19. Citing the draft, the secretary said the government was planning to finance Tk 1.34 trillion, or around 66 percent, from domestic sources and the rest from foreign funds. For the health sector, the draft ADP has proposed an allocation of Tk 130.33 billion, according to a top official at the Planning Commission. The amount was around Tk 101.1 billion in the revised development budget for the current fiscal year. The draft ADP sets aside the highest allocation for the transport sector – Tk 521.83 billion, followed by Tk 248.03 billion for the power sector and Tk 234.39 billion for education. The agriculture sector is going to get Tki 84.24 billion for development once the ADP is passed. The allocation for autonomous organisations and corporations has been proposed at Tk 94.66 billion. It was around Tk 124 billion in the current ADP. The original ADP for the current fiscal year was Tk 2.02 trillion in size before it was revised down to around Tk 1.93 trillion in March. The COVID-19 crisis has put the brakes on the implementation of the ADP by the end of this fiscal year with most parts of the world, including Bangladesh, on lockdown.
  12. @Hasnat Shahriyar Nahin already two threads are running on this topic. It would be better to use them instead of openning new thread.
  13. As per SIPRI, two more Diamond DA40 are on order- They are also telling, army received total 36 Nora B-52s- Is that true?
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