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Found 3 results

  1. Multi-role fighter aircraft x 16 [Confirmed unofficially as EFT] Attack helicopter x 8 [Confirmed officially as AH-64E] Primary trainers x 24 [Confirmed by Law Minister at Parliament] Light transport aircraft x 2 [Confirmed by Law Minister at Parliament] Guided missile frigate x 6 [Built under CDDL] Offshore patrol vessel x 6 [Built under CDDL] Anti-submarine warfare helicopter x 2 [MH-60R confirmed officially in pipeline] VVIP helicopter x 3 [Advertised, under negotiation for AW101] Utility helicopter x 2 [Confirmed as Bell 429 officially] Light tanks x 44 [Confirmed as VT-5 officially] MRAP x 50 [Confirmed as International MaxxPro Dash officially, deal already signed] MRAP mounted jammers x 15 [Confirmed by Law Minister at Parliament] Air surveillance radar x 2 [Confirmed by Law Minister at Parliament] Counter-drone radar x 2 [Confirmed by Law Minister at Parliament] This is the month of January ending. More to come.
  2. These days even though the navy and police special forces use m-4 carbines, the paracommandoes of Bangladesh army are using obsolete type-56 rifles.Does anyone know if the army will buy new assault rifles anytime soon?
  3. These days,even though the police and navy special forces are using modern m4 cabine, the army special forces are still using the obsolete type-56 as their primary assault weapon.Will anyone tell me if the army has plans to buy new rifles for the paracommandoes?
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