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Chattogram city development

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Green Park working on the first all-in-one condo in Chattogram

Sanmar Properties Ltd, a reputed real estate company, is building the towers called ‘Green Park’


Architects’ concept model of the Green Park housing complex of Sanmar Properties Ltd in Chattogram. PHOTO: SANMAR PROPERTIES LTD


Three tall towers, each having 26 levels, are being built on a 128.36 katha plot of land in the Arefin Nagar area of Chattogram city. Each floor of the towers will have six apartments.

The towers will have restaurants, badminton courts, a basketball corner, gymnasium, internet connection, spa and swimming pool. The towers will house 468 families.

Sanmar Properties Ltd, a reputed real estate company in Chattogram, is building the towers called "Green Park" based on the design of local and foreign architects.

This is the first such project that Sanmar is undertaking, and the company claims that it is the first of its kind in Chattogram.

On a spot visit, this correspondent found that the towers are being built at the base of some hills, and around 50 percent of one tower has been completed.  The three basements of another tower have been cast and work on yet another tower has started.

Urban planners say that such apartment buildings are popular in many countries because they provide housing for a large number of people on a relatively small plot of land. This apartment complex will have a playground, space for walking, a community centre to hold family and social events, an ATM booth, a pharmacy and a shop for essential items.

Delwar Hossain Majumder, a city planner, said, "Many families can live in such an apartment complex which also offers all kinds of civic amenities. Besides, many people can live in a small space. It is necessary to implement such projects because they solve the housing problems of the middle class and upper middle class. Both government and private firms will have to undertake such projects."

Hillol Chowdhury, manager of Sanmar Properties, said that tower-2 will be completed in 2024, tower-3 in 2025 and tower-1 in 2026.

Mahfujul Bari, general manager of Sanmar Properties said, one can enjoy the natural beauty of Chattogram from level 10 upwards of each tower, and one can see the Bay of Bengal from level 26. 

Apartment Complex facilities

The apartment complex will be a gated community, and will feature nine lifts, a fire suppression system, backup power generators and CCTV cameras.

The area will be covered in greenery and will have many civic amenities including prayer rooms.

The complex will have aesthetic landscaping, colourful lighting and barbeque facilities. The residents of the towers will enjoy special offers in the high quality restaurants there.

Apart from grocery shops, there will also be a beauty salon, men's salon, a book shop, cafeteria, laundry, ATM booth, a pharmacy and doctor's chambers.

The 180-feet wide Bayezid Link Road runs by the apartment complex. This road – to be opened in June this year – will connect the towers to the city and to the Dhaka-Chattogram Highway. The road will facilitate communication for the residents of the complex.

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In my opinion, the government needs to focus on Chittagong alot more in the coming years. As we are an export based economy Chittagong is at the forefront of all things that move in and out of the country.

Being from Chittagong, I can tell you that the roads are quite poor compared to central Dhaka and the Airport is just filthy. A few new highways and roads wont change much until the government shifts its focus onto actually developing the port city. Many roads are full of potholes and the traffic jams don't help either. Seeing as Dhaka is getting their own metro rail, Its only logical for the government to do something similar for Chittagong. 

Ara chittagong ot naya airport, road, bridge, flyover laybo.... ar duae tinne boro tower bandile beshi bala oybo shorkar er hase ebe arar onurod.

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That photograph has been edited to make it look better than it actually is and it's from an angle that hides the real beauty of Chittagong🤪 but IMO as the financial hub of Bangladesh Chittagong needs to be built up alot more. Dhaka is beyond repair but maybe we could build Chittagong to be the new image of a emergent Bangladesh.

That said the Khulshi and Foy'slake areas are pretty clean and comparable to Dhaka's Gulshan. Not to mention the natural beauty of bhatiary etc.

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