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US Senator Grassley's anti-Bangladesh comments

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Bangladesh strongly protest remarks of US Senator Grassley

It expects correction on his narrative, understanding about Bangladesh

The Embassy of Bangladesh in Washington, DC has categorically rejected the remarks on Bangladesh made by US Senator Chuck Grassley, saying what the senator said was farthest from the truth.

"The Embassy clearly states that the remarks made by Senator Grassley are not only biased and motivated but also absolutely contradictory to the 2019 Annual Report of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)," the Bangladesh embassy said in a statement, strongly protesting his remarks.

It said the embassy is surprised to see that Senator Grassley had stated in his op-ed that citizens of Bangladesh live under an authoritarian regime and face persecution for faith and religious beliefs, reports UNB.

Bangladesh is a secular democracy, where people from all faiths live in peace and harmony, the embassy said.

The statement further said the embassy is extremely disappointed to see that instead of appreciating the democratic government of Bangladesh for sheltering more than 1.1 million Rohingyas from Myanmar, who were persecuted in their own country for their religion and ethnicity, Senator Grassley has opted for complete subjectivity to criticize the government [of Bangladesh] that actually saved their lives.

An op-ed, titled "Religious freedom under attack - US can promote and protect liberty globally," by Chuck Grassley, senator for Iowa, appeared on his official website (https://www.grassley.senate.gov/) on Tuesday.

The embassy said it expects that Senator Grassley would correct his narrative and his understanding about Bangladesh based on facts and realities on the ground.

A few examples of religious freedom and harmony in Bangladesh were also shared.

These are as follows: Bangladesh is a country where festivals of major religious communities (Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists) are public holidays, the president of Bangladesh hosts reception for members of each religious community on the day of these festivals and prime minister of Bangladesh promotes a national slogan "Religion unto individual, festivals unto all."

People from all faiths celebrate the festivals together, which is truly reflective of the spirit of secularism and non-communalism, added the embassy.

Verses from the holy books of all major faiths are recited at the beginning of all important official programs, it said.

The embassy said that Senator Grassley is welcome to visit Bangladesh and see for himself the values of democracy, freedom, openness, inclusiveness, and religious harmony that exists in Bangladesh.


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1. The comments might have been motivated by information received from Bangladeshis living in US who might have connections to the BNP.

2. The Bangladesh embassy did well to quickly discredit the US senator's comments by pointing out the facts.

3. This is not really about Bangladesh being secular or democratic because the US works with KSA, UAE, Israel and co so there is hardly any effect in reality about democracy or human rights unless you happen to be America's enemy.

4. Once Bangladesh and Boeing for example sign the attack helicopter deal there will be a great deal of support coming in from the very senate because companies such as Boeing are very keen to increase their market footprint around the world including establish new frontier markets in places like Bangladesh and Thailand. Do not worry, we are solid.

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It guts me to know some of our deshi brothers are living overseas in Western countries using Bangladesh as the sacrificial lamb for their personal agendas. These people will use comments from the senator to strengthen their asylum seeker business interests.

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I am sorry folks but I cannot stand such two-faced hypocrisy.

This muppet voted against MLK day: https://thehill.com/homenews/229844-lawmakers-reflect-on-no-votes-on-mlk-day

He refused to denounce Trump's racist comment against sitting Congresswomen:


Yet he has the gall to lecture us on tolerance?

He should learn a thing or two from his fellow Senator Sanders:


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Ahhh Americans! Trying to talk out of their rear ends again without even knowing where the countries they're criticizing are located.

It's interesting that they're so keen on making it known that religious persecution isn't right yet one look at their list of allies would reveal it for what it is : empty talk.

However, the true blame lies with those bloggers who deliberately make blasphemous posts in order to coax a reaction from the religious hard liners. Priya Saha is another one. These asylum seekers are traitors and adequate legal action should be takes against them. 

And as for the Americans, we don't need to do anything. Their general population has zero knowledge of geography (besides that of the state they're in), let alone international geopolitics. Suddenly it's not a surprise that this is a country where they elected a person like Trump!



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On 2/22/2020 at 4:44 AM, Aparajita Banerjee said:

It said the embassy is surprised to see that Senator Grassley had stated in his op-ed that citizens of Bangladesh live under an authoritarian regime and face persecution for faith and religious beliefs, reports UNB.


@Girls' Generation

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