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Cobra Gold 2020 underway



The Cobra Gold 2020 military exercise began on Tuesday with 9,630 participating soldiers from 29 countries, who were required to strictly follow anti-Covid-19 measures.

The Royal Thai Armed Forces announced that senior military officers of Thailand, the United States and representatives of the other participating countries attended the opening ceremony at Akathotsarot military camp in Phitsanulok province.

Seven countries are participating the main drills - Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and the US.

China and India are present for humanitarian civic assistance exercises. Ten countries are taking part in the Multinational Planning Augmentation Team - Australia, Bangladesh, Britain, Canada, Fiji, France, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand and the Philippines 

Ten other countries are present for the Combined Observer Liaison Team -  Brunei, Cambodia, Germany, Israel, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sweden, Switzerland and Vietnam.

The Cobra Gold 2020 activities are scheduled for areas of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Army areas in the Central Plains, the Northeast and the North, as well as in the upper Gulf of Thailand, from Feb 24 to March 6.

The Royal Thai Armed Forces announcement said it was seriously implementing efficient Covid-19-prevention measures for the sake of all participants' safety.


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yes! yes!! yes!!! my life long dream came true (partially) ❤️  i had been waiting to hear when bd will attend this exercise. thanks @Hasnat Shahriyar Nahin for sharing the most exciting news of this year. i am more excited than came to know about apache news. bcuz,this exercised is thought to be the most complex amphibious exercise in the world, afaik

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