Turkish laser weapon shoots down Chinese-made UAV

Turkish laser weapon shoots down Chinese-made UAV

A Turkish laser air defence weapon system shot down a Chinese made combat UAV belonging to the UAE. The Turkish air defence weapon was being operated by the internationally recognised National Liberation Government in Libya.

The UAE operated Wing Loong II armed drone’s fuel tank was hit by a direct laser pulse burning through it.

Last year Aselsan revealed it had developed a laser weapon system mounted on a 4×4 BMC Amazon multipurpose armoured vehicle. The Laser Defene System (LSS) can effectively destroy unmanned aerial or water vehicles at ranges of 500 metres besides neutralise threats from improvised explosives and suspicious roadside packages of 200 metres. The system can also be highly effective against terrorists hiding in built-up areas.

The system uses high power laser source which is inexpensive compared to conventional munitions. It has a high-capacity magazine, continuous shooting, optical target detection capability and advanced target tracking system.

The LSS has an application for naval ship, commercial ships (against pirates), power plants, airbases, border outposts, headquarters and convoys. Aselsan is one of the leading Turkish defence companies engaged in designing, developing and manufacturing sophisticated military sensors, electronic warfare systems, radar, communications systems, electro-optical systems, training aids and weapon systems. It has successfully exported its products to many countries and Bangladesh Army is one of its key clients.

The Wing Loong II UAS was spotted over Tripoli. It was later shot by the Turkish LSS.

Application in service with the Bangladesh Army

The LSS could be a highly useful tool for the Bangladesh Army in highly volatile UN peacekeeping deployments such as that of Mali. The system can also find use with Army Special Forces units such as the Paracommando brigade’s counter-terrorism unit. Employment of such weapons in built up areas to neutralise terrorist threats could be undertaken because more powerful weapons such as anti-tank weapons would cause far greater damage to the surroundings.

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