Bangladesh Army expanding rapidly

Bangladesh Army expanding rapidly

Within the space of a decade the Bangladesh Army has raised its war fighting capabilities to new heights.

The premier land force of the country instituted a modernisation and expansion plan that saw the raising of 3 Infantry Divisions, 14 brigades, 154 units and 56 ad-hoc units since 2009.

There are major equipment such as light tanks, surface-to-air missiles, automatic grenade launchers, assault rifles, night vision devices, Oerlikon radar-controlled air defence gun system, Skyguard radar and tank simulator also being delivered.

The Bangladesh Army has also purchased anti-tank guided missiles, VSHORADS, SHORADS, GMLRS, towed medium guns, amphibious landing craft, combat engineering equipment and various types of electronic devices and sensors such as radars, electronic warfare suites and communications equipment.

This year the Bangladesh Army took delivery of new Type B GMLRS from Turkey as well as MRAPs from the United States as well as Type D HSICs.

The modernisation and expansion which are currently being undertaken through the auspices of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is quite extraordinary since the independence of Bangladesh.

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