Bangladesh defence, security services budget increased for FY2021-22

Bangladesh defence, security services budget increased for FY2021-22

The Bangladesh government has increased the spending for its defence and internal security organisations to facilitate development of the forces according to their individual modernisation and expansion plans.

Bangladesh’s defence budget covers finances for the Ministry of Defence, Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Air Force, Bangladesh Navy, defence industries and the space research agency.

The Department of Public Security of the Ministry of Home Affairs includes the Bangladesh Police Department, Border Guard Bangladesh, the Coast Guard, and Ansar and Village Defense Forces.

On the other hand, the Department of Prisons, the Department of Civil Defense and Firefighting, the Department of Narcotics Control, and the Department of Immigration and Passports, are under the Department of Security Services.

Of the FY2021-22 budget outlay of BDT 6,036.81 billion Defence received 6.2% and Public Order & Security received an allocation of 4.8%.

Defence Services was allocated a total of BDT 37,281 crore, while Public Order & Safety was given 23,082. Both received higher allocations compared to FY2020-21 (Revised) of BDT 33,500 crore and BDT 21,662 crore respectively.

In total Bangladesh government has allocated $7.085 billion for its defence & public security organisations in the FY 2021-22 budget.

The budgetary allocations do not however cover purchase of major hardware such as combat aircraft, warships or missile systems. Those are approved annually through separate channels as special allocations.

Bangladesh spends the lowest in defence per its GDP compared to any major neighbouring countries such as India, Myanmar and Pakistan. Socio-economic strata’s occupy priority in the country.

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