Bangladesh Navy commissions 5 warships in a day

Bangladesh Navy commissions 5 warships in a day

The Bangladesh Navy commissioned its largest number of warships in a single day in line with Forces Goal 2030 modernisation blueprint.

Earlier today Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina commissioned two guided missile frigates, a guided missile corvette and two hydrographic survey vessel in a historical event for the Bangladesh Navy by video conferencing.

Today two guided missile frigates supplied by Poly Technologies Inc of China including BNS Umar Faruq and BNS Abu Ubaidah were commissioned along with CSOC supplied guided missile corvette BNS Protasha.

Moreover two Khulna Shipyard-built catamaran type hydrographic guided missile corvettes were also commissioned to ensure accurate survey of coastal areas of Bangladesh. They include BNS Darshak and BNS Tallashi.

The three frigates and corvettes are capable of anti-surface and anti-air warfare. They are equipped with aviation decks for helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

BNS Umar Faruq and BNS Abu Ubaidah are armed with modern anti-ship missiles, air defence missiles, anti-aircraft guns, heavy gun systems and anti-submarine warfare rockets.

BNS Protasha is armed with long range anti-ship missiles and air defence missiles.

BNS Darshak and BNS Tallashi are armed self-defence machine guns.

The Bangladesh Navy is also adding five more coastal patrol craft, six offshore patrol vessels, two large patrol craft and six guided missile frigates. Additional submarines, fixed wing aircraft and helicopters are also under procurement to expand the Bangladesh Navy.

Bangladesh Navy commissioned 5 warships on 5 November 2020.
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