BNS Sangram visits Goa

BNS Sangram visits Goa

Bangladesh Navy’s warship BNS Sangram, a guided missile corvette has reached Murmugao port in Goa. The ship arrived there on Monday (18 August).

Upon arrival, the ship was welcomed by the Indian Navy in Goa and military officials of the Bangladesh High Commission in India.

The BNS Sangram was dispatched to Lebanon for a UN peacekeeping mission with UNFIL’s Maritime Task Force.

On the way back home, the ship stopped in Goa, India. However, no bilateral action has been taken in Goa for the corona virus.

BNS Sangram also visited the port of Colombo on the way back to Chattogram.

The warship was recently commissioned in June 2020. It is designed to conduct surface and anti-air warfare.

BNS Sangram is a Shadhinata class guided missile corvette based on the Type 056 operated by the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). However it features a more stealthy design and is equipped with different combat electronics including a SR2410C AESA radar. Armaments aboard the warship include a 76.2mm main gun, 2×2 C-802A anti-ship missiles, FL-3000N SAM system, 2x30mm RWS guns and 2×14.5mm anti-aircraft guns.

The Bangladesh Navy operates four Shadhinata class corvettes. Additional units are planned.
BNS Sangram (F113) also made a port call to Colombo on the same voyage.
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