BGB thwarts illegal border fence by BSF on Khagrachari’s Ramgarh border

BGB thwarts illegal border fence by BSF on Khagrachari’s Ramgarh border

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has successfully resisted a concerted effort by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) to build an unapproved border fence at 2217/4 RB border pillar near Kashibari, Ramgarh area of Khagrachari. The area faces Sabrum’s Kathalbari Aelamara area located on India’s territory.

Earlier on Monday the BSF deployed additional troops on the border to build barbed wire fencing within 50 yards from the international border upon which they were intercepted by the BGB. They continued with the construction work until the evening without heeding to verbal warnings.

The next morning the BSF commenced its illegal fence building activities however the BGB stopped them. The two counterparts held a flag meeting at 1.30 pm at Aelaramara area attended by 43 BGB Battalion CO Lt Col Tariqul Hakim accompanied by 13 other BGB  personnel The BSF’s 66 Battalion team was led by a Commandant along with 20 member team. The meeting ended at 3 pm.

Both countries can build barbwire fencing within 150 yards of the border in this region however the BGB objected to the design of the fence.

The BSF agreed to stop all fence construction activities until higher authorities from both countries agree on the design.

BGB Headquarters sent a letter to BSF however carried out the works without responding to the letter in a unilateral manner.

On 17 October the BGG and BSF exchanged fire on the Rajshahi border following intrusion of BSF personnel in to Bangladesh territory and attempting to recover an Indian fisherman who was arrested By BGB personnel for illegal fishing and trespassing.

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The firefight caused at least Indian 1 BSF soldier to be killed and another injured on right hand and leg by the BGB patrol team 1 km away from a BGB outpost.

The BGB has been on high alert across the international border to respond against untoward incidents created by BSF and Indian nationals.

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