Shakti Sanchar Landing Craft Tank

Shakti Sanchar Landing Craft Tank

The vessel “Shakti Sanchar” is a Ro-Ro type landing craft designed by GB Marine for the Bangladesh Army. The vessel has been designed to carry 9 Tanks and 150 troops, operate in shallow water and conduct beach landings.

A single LCT of this class/model is in service with the Bangladesh Army’s Riverine Engineer unit. The vessel is usually based at the Postagola Cantonment in Dhaka.

Technical specifications:

ModelShakti Sanchar
TypeRo-Ro LCT
DesignerGB Marine (Singapore)
BuilderDEW, Narayanganj (Bangladesh)
Displacement2,200 t
Length65.7 m
Breadth12 m
Draught3.50 m
Machinery2 diesel engines
Maximum speed 
FuelDiesel oil
Navigation2 x Surface search radar
Armaments4 x 12.7mm HMG, 2 x MANPADS, 2 x 60mm mortars
Aviation1 x Bell 212
Capacity9 x MBT, 150 x troops
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