Air Force to purchase additional air surveillance radar systems

Air Force to purchase additional air surveillance radar systems

The Bangladesh Air Force is seeking to purchase more mobile air defence radar systems to establish full coverage across all altitudes and a redundancy at times of war.

The organisation has already awarded a significant contract to Leonardo for an undisclosed number of Kronos Land 3D mobile radar systems last year that also includes a comprehensive 12-month technical support assistance, training for BAF personnel, spare parts and communications equipment.

The Kronos Land 3D multimode air surveillance radar system can be setup within 15 minutes in field conditions allowing the Bangladesh Air Force to detect and track targets in a tactical environment.

The contract follows fulfilment of the delivery and installation of a RAT-31DL fixed air surveillance radar system to monitor approaches from the Bay of Bengal. The long range air surveillance radar is being used to enforce Bangladesh Air Force’s Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) along the coast of the country.

Leonardo claims the Kronos radar can be integrated with the country’s existing national air defence network thereby effectively contributing to the general recognised air picture (RAP). It can also be used to guide ground based air defence missile systems such as SHORAD and VSHORAD systems currently in operation with the Bangladesh armed forces.

The Kronos 3D radar is also capable of detecting positions of enemy rocket artillery and mortar systems allowing it to provide fire-finding and fire-directing capabilities as a “weapon locating radar” such as the SLC-2 that is currently in service with the Bangladesh Army.

ModelKRONOS Land
Operating bandC-Band
Antenna technologyActive Full Phased Array, TX/RX solid-state modules
Antenna rotation speed60rpm
Electronic scanning capability±45° Az, ±60° El
Surveillance rangeUp to 250 km
Tracking update rateUp to 1 second
Elevation coverageUp to 85° in tracking . Up to 70° in surveillance
Number of tracks300 (maximum)
IFF modes1, 2, 3/A, C, S, and secure modes
Navigation aidInertial Navigation System and GPS
BITERun-time fault identifcation and location
ECCMAutomatic frequency selection Up to 4 tracks on jammer updated every second
Side lobe blanking
Low peak emitting power
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