Bangladesh Air Force orders Kh-31A anti-ship missiles

Bangladesh Air Force orders Kh-31A anti-ship missiles

The Bangladesh Air Force has ordered the Russian-made Kh-31A anti-ship missiles for its upgraded MiG-29BM multi-role fighters that were recently upgraded in Belarus.

As an air launched weapon the Kh-31A is designed to engage surface targets such as warships displacing up to 4,500 tonnes.

According to Rosoboronexport, the Russian arms training company in charge of exporting the Kh-31A it is an active radar seeker, derived from the Kh-31P, is capable of penetrating cohesive and layered air defence of a large group of ships.

The missiles employ mid-course radar guidance and terminal homing. The Kh-31A is equipped with the ARGSN-31 jam-resistant active radar guidance system capable of discriminating the target from a dense homogenous group. It is equipped with a penetrating, armour-piercing warhead that weighs 94 kg.

The MiG-29S Zhuk-ME fire control radar is used for target detection. The missiles are transported and stored in sealed containers.

The Kh-31A anti-ship missile has a maximum firing range of 70km and a maximum flight speed of 1,000 m/s. The operational altitude of the missile is 15,000 metres.

Each missile has a launch weight of 610 kg.

The Kh-31 has an 80% hit probability against its targets.

The Bangladesh Air Force has started incorporating advanced munitions aboard its air combat platforms. This latest procurement follows the acquisition of Turkish-origin Teber laser guided munitions and Chinese LS-6/250 guided munitions for its F-7BG/BG1 fleet.

The air force is also set to order more advanced BVR air to air missiles from Russia or other Eastern European sources shortly.

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