Bangladesh Armed Forces on missile buying spree

Bangladesh Armed Forces on missile buying spree

The Bangladesh Armed Forces, which includes the Army, Navy and Air Force is purchasing vast quantities of missiles and rockets to boost the overall fire projection capabilities of the forces.

Missiles with ranges of up to 300 km are being added to the force extend the reach of the conventional forces more than ever before.

Last month the Bangladesh Army commissioned the Tiger GMLRS, which is capable of firing multi-calibre rockets/missiles of ranges of 70km, 120 km and 280 km against surface targets with pinpoint accuracy. Turkish sources report the Bangladesh Army has purchased the 70km and 120km rockets/missiles. A 280km capable rocket/missile variant purchase is pending under the Type A GMLRS package.

It has also made steps to procure the Hisar-O+ Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile systems ROKETSAN through a G2G deal as per FY 2020-21 with deliveries scheduled on 2024-25.

The Bangladesh Navy is also procuring long range anti-ship missiles such as OTOMAT Mk II with a range of over 180 km for leadship BNS Bangabandhu Guided Missile Frigate, which is undergoing a Mid-Life Upgrade to extend its service life.

The naval force is also set to select a new generation anti-ship cruise missiles, which will also help extend its fighting capabilities at sea. Turkey’s ATMACA, South Korea’s SSM-700K and Italy’s OTOMAT Mk II EVO are shortlisted. The acquisition will be determined by a comprehensive package offer with the OEM required to offer MRO, local technology transfer offset, reliving capabilities and complete integration with Bangladesh Navy platforms at sea/air.

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The naval force is also acquiring a large number of FL-3000N air defence missiles from China to equip its Shadhinata class guided missile corvettes.

Moreover, a vast quantity of naval artillery munitions as well as small arms munitions have also been purchased by the Bangladesh Navy for its surface combatants.

The Bangladesh Air Force is completing the construction of an aerial munitions plant, which will perform MRO and assembly of Chinese air-launched missiles and rockets. Engineers and technicians from the Bangladesh Air Force have already been sent to China for MRO and assembly training. Purchase of PL-5DE SRAAM for F-7BG1 is also included.

The Air Force has also made a list of Russian air launched weapons such as RVV-AE BVRAAM, R-73E SRAAM, Kh-31A anti-ship missile, Kh-29TE, S-13 rockets, KAB-series air to surface weapons for use with MiG-29BM and Yak-130 combat aircraft. These will be delivered soon as per indicate time frame.

From Turkey, the Bangladesh Air Force is purchasing TEBER laser guided munitions that are integrated with the F-7BG fighters as well as CIRIT laser guided rockets for training aircraft and combat helicopters.

Once the Bangladesh Air Force signs an agreement for the purchase of MRCA with either Eurofighter or Dassault Aviation, a new line of air-launched armaments assembly and MRO line will be incorporated in to the Bangladesh Air Force to ensure smoother operations.

In contrast to the past, the armed forces increased purchase of missiles, rockets and armaments to ensure combat readiness.


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