Bangladesh Army selects AK-15 assault rifles

Bangladesh Army selects AK-15 assault rifles

The Bangladesh Army has opted for the Russian-made AK-15 assault rifle, which is the latest and most acclaimed Kalashnikov series of assault rifles.

A requirement for 2,000 AK-15 assault rifles was issued on the DGDP’s official website on 19 January 2022. Sources confirm the initial acquisition will be distributed to the various regimental centres, training schools, and academies of the Bangladesh Army.

If the assault rifle proves itself it will be issued to Special Forces and will trickle down to regular forces thereafter. There is a requirement for approximately 300,000 assault rifles to equip all personnel including replacement of existing locally manufactured BD-08 assault rifles.

If accepted into general service, the AK-15 will be locally manufactured, which means the BD-08 line could be shut down. However, it is still possible to simultaneously manufacture the BD-08 assault rifles as a second-line weapon or to supply paramilitary and law enforcement agencies. The latter very much depends on the requirements of those respective organisations.

According to the Kalashnikov Concern, the AK-15 is a 7.62 mm assault rifle based on the AK-12 next-generation personal weapon. It is designed to provide improved combat performance, versatility, accuracy, and precision.

The AK-15 features a reliable gas piston mechanism, chrome-lined bore, and chamber, fire modes of single-shot, full automatic, and 2-round bursts. It is equipped with a removable high-performance muzzle brake, it can be fitted with a sound/flash suppressor.

The assault rifle has a foldable buttstock with adjustable length and can be fired with the buttstock folded. Additionally, the AK-15 is equipped with a Picatinny rail on the dust cover for mounting red-dot, telescopic, and night sights. As a standard, it includes iron sights and diopter rear sight.

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A 40mm grenade launcher can be mounted under the barrel of the AK-15.

The Bangladesh Army requires a bayonet, which would be provided with the AK-15 as an optional extra. In terms of range, the AK-15 can be fired to 350 m at a rate of 600-650 rounds per minute from a detachable 30-round magazine. The weight of the AK-15 is only 3.5 kg and its length is 880-940 mm.

A Russian delegation also visited the Bangladesh Army Headquarters on 2 December 2021 and met with the Chief of General Staff (CGS) to discuss areas of mutual cooperation.

The talks included the sale of military hardware including infantry weapons, attack helicopters, and missile systems.


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