Spain delivers anti-tank weapons to Bangladeshi forces

Spain delivers anti-tank weapons to Bangladeshi forces

The Zaragoza-based weapons manufacturer INSTALAZA has delivered Alcotan-100 (M2) anti-tank weapons to Bangladesh for the first time in 2024. The advanced anti-tank munitions were showcased during Border Guard Bangladesh’s annual raising day parade.

The BGB opted to standardise the Spanish anti-tank weapons alongside the Bangladesh Army as part of its modernisation drive.

The Alcotan-100 (M2) has been exported to several international countries including Bangladesh and Pakistan. Most recently it has seen action in Ukraine, showcasing its apparent effectiveness against Russian tanks. This has boosted its appeal among countries who face the threat from opponents equipped with Russian/Soviet-origin armour. Bangladesh having shared borders with India and Myanmar is one of those countries. Battlefield footage suggest the Alcotan 100 (M2) is successful against T-90 and T-72 tanks that are operated by the armies of neighbouring India and Myanmar.

According to the manufacturer the 100 mm calibre weapon system comprises of a VOSEL (M2) fire control unit that is equipped with integrated laser range finder and night vision. It controls four different types of munitions included tandem anti-tank warhead, anti-armour+fragmentation, anti-bunker and a multi-purpose warhead capable to operate in three different modes such as impact, impact delay and airburst.

The weapon system has no recoil and has the capability to be fired from confined spaces. Its integrated FCU can be used separately for targeting and surveillance purposes. Featuring an extremely high single hit probability the Alcotan 100 (M2) has an effective range of 600m and greater than 1,000m against area targets.

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The Bangladesh Army is the largest user of the Alcotan 100 (M2) in the world, having standardised the weapons at platoon level.


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