China, India amass forces along LAC

China, India amass forces along LAC

China and India have beefed up their respective positions along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) after a clash that left over 140 Indian Army casualties.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) poured in fresh troops across the 3,488 km long shared border between two countries as well as activated air bases and the navy following the 15 June face-off.

The Indian Army has also been given full autonomy by the Indian government to respond to any incursions by Chinese forces along the de facto border.

Chinese forces have been strengthened in the Xinjiang and Tibet regions.

PLA troops are amassed along the Galwan Valley with support elements such as artillery.

Chinese and Indian troops fought with clubs and iron rods in the Galwan Valley instead of firearms. The two sides agreed not to use firearms as per 1996 and 2005 military protocol to avoid escalation of clashes.

China has been concerned about the ongoing construction of roads and infrastructure right up to the de facto LAC.

China maintains well over 200,000 troops in the Tibet Military Region (MR) equipped with modern, long range weapons. China repeatedly asked India to de-escalate the situation to prevent further loss of lives however it kept all options open to thwart any aggression by Indian forces.

Indian Army has also shelled Pakistani villages in Azad Kashmir killing civilians. Pakistan Army responded killing several Indian troops this month. The situation is unlikely to improve in the long run as neither side pulled back troops even as talks of de-escalation were announced by the two Asian giants.

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