Myanmar in US cross hairs after chemical weapons stockpile revealed

Myanmar in US cross hairs after chemical weapons stockpile revealed

The United States might be open to pursuing Myanmar after it was revealed that Myanmar may have a stockpile of banned chemical weapons such as mustard gas left over from the 1980’s.

Myanmar joined the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), which bans the production, storage and use of chemical weapons in 2015 however it has been accused of using chemical weapons against the Kachin ethnic minority in 2005.

The rogue South East Asian nation used phosphorus against protesters at a copper mine. It also jailed five journalists for 10 years after they published an article accusing military of producing chemical weapons.

Myanmar is the 191st nation in the world to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention which came in to effect in 1997 and has since been monitored by the OPCW for compliance.

Several countries have already filed cases against Myanmar for atrocities against the Rohingya minority. At present over a million Rohingya ethnic minorities were forced to cross the border in to Bangladesh after the Myanmar military waged what it calls a “counter terror operation”. International human rights groups and governments have decreed Myanmar for its gross violation of basic human rights.

A US senator has already suggested the Rakhine state should be merged with Bangladesh, however the Bangladesh Government still believes Myanmar has the option to peacefully resolve the Rohingya issue if it takes back all of its nationals from Bangladesh and other countries. It wants Myanmar to provide its Rohingya minorities with citizenship, rights and freedoms in accordance with international laws. Bangladesh is preparing to ensure Myanmar complies with either option. It is gearing up its military forces accordingly. The Bangladesh government has also tasked the Bangladesh Army to put barb wire fencing around all Rohingya camps to ensure better security. Border roads and fencing along the Myanmar border has also commenced to curb narcotics and foreign nationals entering Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Army is raising a CBRN brigade to ensure protection against such threats as well as security of the Roopur Nuclear Powerplant built by Russia.

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