Russia & Ukraine help Myanmar carry out genocide

Russia & Ukraine help Myanmar carry out genocide

When it comes to transferring military hardware to prop up the brutal dictatorship in Myanmar, both Russia and Ukraine have been making brisk business at the expense of Myanmar’s people and regional security.

Since 1995, Russia has been a consistent supplier of transport helicopters, attack helicopters, fighter aircraft, ground attack/LIFT, air-to-air missiles, tube artillery, and air defence systems to Myanmar (Burma).

Meanwhile, Ukraine grew its military business with Myanmar since 1999 resulting in the sale of air-to-air missiles, air surveillance radar systems, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, anti-tank missiles, armoured recovery vehicles, and various repair and overhauling plants.

While most of these weapons can hardly change the balance of military power in the region, they do however help Myanmar’s junta to carry out systematic acts of atrocities against its own citizens.

Since 2017, the Myanmar junta is widely known to have used the military equipment acquired from Russia and Ukraine to commit acts of genocide against the Rohingya ethnic minority resulting in the mass murder of over 25,000 people by 2018 and the expulsion of more than 700,000 to neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The continued repression by the brutal regime of Myanmar using Russian and Ukrainian-made weapons ensured Rohingya people are unable to return safely to their homes in Rakhine state.

Besides these two main culprits China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Singapore, Belarus, Israel, Germany, Serbia, and other Eastern European countries are known to have transferred major defence hardware to Myanmar that has been historically used to perpetuate the cycle of atrocities against Burmese citizens irrespective of ethnicity.

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Major military hardware sold to Myanmar by Russia & Ukraine:

Combat Aircraft56 
Aerial Munitions39510
Air Defence Systems39 
Surface to Air Missiles2,650 
Radar Systems 2
Artillery Systems100 
Tanks 14
Armoured Vehicles1036
Combat Engineering Vehicles 14
Anti-Tank Guided Missiles 400
Russia and Ukraine supplied Myanmar’s armed forces with tools for genocide. Source: SIPRI


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