China offers her renewed friendship to Bangladesh

China offers her renewed friendship to Bangladesh

China has once again offered her renewed hand of friendship to Bangladesh at a time when the nation faces twin threats of COVID-19 and the Myanmar-Rohingya crisis.

The Communist nation has offered to send an expert medical team to Bangladesh to advise the country’s officials on how to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic that is fast spreading across Bangladesh.

Chinese President Xi Jinping called Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday the 20th of May to offer his complete support. During the 25 minute phone call President Jinping stated China would continue to work for further strengthening strategic partnership with Bangladesh. understands from sources close to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that the Chinese President only made the phone call after receiving assurance from Bangladesh that it confirms its strategic alliance with the People’s Republic of China.

Bangladesh has been left to its own devices in tackling the Rohingya crisis with Myanmar. Its “friends and allies” have remained inanimate over the crisis offering it little more than words of solace.

The densely populated country is already struggling with its own population of over 160 million yet countries with much larger land masses refuse to entertain the idea of taking on some of the Rohingya refugees themselves.

Bangladesh’s powerful neighbour, India has not only been playing a game of double standards but it has also been selling weapons to prop up the notoriously evil military forces of Myanmar. Bangladesh feels betrayed. After all, Bangladesh continues to give special privileges to India at its own expense. It at least expected support in return from a country, which prides itself as a regional deputy and agent of the United States with a Hinduvta flavour.

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Countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada have stood by Bangladesh along with China throughout the crisis. Whilst Japan has not acted adversely against the Myanmar government, its investors are keen to relocate their factories from Myanmar to Bangladesh. South Koreans are also moving away from Myanmar in droves and going to Bangladesh.

With the strategic ties shifting in the region Bangladesh will once again find itself in to the eye of the storm. Now is the time for Bangladesh to hedge its bet right and ensure it stays in one camp instead of walloping all over the place. The country has learnt, albeit in an expensive manner that ambigious foreign policy where “Friendship to all, malice to none” really does not work.

The country’s leadership is bold, its blood is that of Bangabandhu. Nothing less is expected than glory for the country under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. She has to ensure a transformation of Bangladesh from being a follower, in to a leader of nations. Bangladesh deserves no less.


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