Bangladesh Army to get first field Corps level formation

Bangladesh Army to get first field Corps level formation

The Bangladesh Army will join the two other major armies in South Asia in having field Corps level formations in its Order of Battle.

The government has approved the raising of the first corps, known as Central Corps [Corps ☓☓☓]. There will also be two other corps namely the Eastern and Western Corps.

The Bangladesh Defence Analyst understands the motto of the Central Corps is “The one before all”. Its flag will have a black background with a Bangladeshi roundel and two crossed swords and the powerful guiding index finger of the founder of Bangladesh – Sheikh Mujibur Rahman ‘Bangabandhu’ whose historic March 7 speech led to the independence war for Bangladesh. “Central Corps” is to be written using military stencil font on the outer ring of the roundel immediately below the crossed swords. The swords represent strength, protection from harm, duty and bravery.

The role and responsibility of the Central Corps will be to defend Dhaka and adjoining regions north and south of the national capital.

A traditional corps level formation in the Commonwealth armies is the highest battlefield formation. It is led by a General Officer Commanding (GOC), known as the Corps Commander. The Corps Commander holds the rank of Lieutenant General (3 star). Each corps is composed of three to four divisions. The Bangladesh Army intends to use mixed formations designed to fight a hybrid war.

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