Bangladesh Army becomes first export customer of Turkish air-portable howitzers

Bangladesh Army becomes first export customer of Turkish air-portable howitzers

The Bangladesh Army is poised to take delivery of new generation howitzers manufactured by MKE of Turkey. It has the distinction of being the launch customer of this highly capable 105mm towed howitzer that is capable of swinging into operation in under 3 minutes.

MKE is understood to be fulfilling the order during the first few months of 2024 as per schedule.

Named ‘Boran’ the Turkish light towed howitzer is able to be airlifted by Mi-171 helicopters or C295W fixed wing transport aircraft. It is also light enough to be transported by landing craft and towed by light utility trucks.

The Boran has a range of 17 km and has the ability to fire 6 rounds per minute. It can operate in -32 degrees to +52 degrees making it extremely versatile for deployment in anywhere in the world.

In anti-tank (or direct fire role) the Boran, which is fitted with night vision can hit targets out at 2,000m through visual targeting.

Bangladesh and Turkey have been chalking out the details for the purchase of the Boran since at least 2019. The Bangladesh Army has a requirement for at least 180 air-portable 105mm light towed howitzers. In the first instance Turkey is delivering 18 units and associated spare parts and training.

The Bangladesh Army had howitzer shortlisted air-portable howitzers from South Africa, France and Italy, besides Turkey during official selection process.

In another development, the Indian government has been trying to sell Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) made Light Field Guns (IFG Mk3) to the Bangladesh Army. They proposed to sell nearly 200 howitzers under the long unutilised $500 ‘defence line of credit’ facility promoted by the government of India, but the Bangladesh Army declined the offer owing to concerns over security and quality among other key concerns regarding Indian made hardware.

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