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    • What are the implications of a serious change in foreign and defense policy in EU on Bangladesh and its defense industries? Excerpts of a feature story on EU's thoughts on independence from US in defining its own position at the global level: "After the EU blocked US citizens from entering Europe, Merkel and Macron called for stepped-up military spending and austerity to ensure Europe’s ability to wage war independently from Washington. .... Currently the European powers are working closely together on transforming the EU into a military alliance that—unlike NATO—can act independently of and if necessary against the US. But conflicts are also re-emerging between the European capitals. When Merkel suggested in her interview that the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) “can be used by everyone” hit by the crisis, Conte rebuffed her: “I’m the one who keeps the books. I take care of the Italian budget, together with Finance Minister Roberto Gualtieri, the state’s accountants and the other ministers.” What keeps the European governments together at this point is not a unity of interests, but a desperate search for allies against foreign enemies and the working class at home. The only policy they can agree on is one of austerity, repression and militarism. Thus, the defense ministries of France, Germany, Italy and Spain issued a joint letter to Josep Borrell, the EU foreign and military policy chief, calling for a major joint EU military build-up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, they wrote, “Our Armed Forces have been instrumental in helping to deal with the challenges posed—both in Europe and beyond. Today, the effects of the pandemic have already started aggravating existing conflicts and crises, further weakening fragile states and putting additional pressure on already strained systems and regions. Security and Defence must therefore remain a top priority. We want to live up to our responsibilities and be able to face present and upcoming challenges, at home and abroad.” They called for strengthening the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) on military issues; reinforcing EU defence industries; developing a “Strategic Compass” governing common EU military missions; stepping up military operations in Mali, Libya, and the Gulf of Guinea; and further coordinating EU military policy. Cooperation with NATO was listed dead last, in a section that committed the four EU powers to “strengthening the European pillar within NATO” as well as to taking “forward the cooperation in security and defence with other partner organisations.” They stressed that building the EU’s ability to wage large-scale military actions independently of Washington would require pouring financial resources into Europe’s war machines. They added, “Building Europe’s industrial, technological and digital sovereignty requires us to link our economic policies even stronger with our security interests … The European Defence Fund (EDF) is key to financing and fostering defence research and capability development that will reinforce our ability to act and to face future military crises and global threats. We therefore advocate for an ambitious EDF budget as a priority in the defence area and a swift adoption of the EDF regulation, in full respect of the discussions on the Multiannual Financial Framework.” As the European powers prepare for war, they openly acknowledge that their relations with America are collapsing. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) told DPA: “Anyone who thinks that with a president of the Democratic Party everything will be the same again in the transatlantic partnership as it once was underestimates the structural changes.” Source: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/06/30/mese-j30.html  
    • Russia always intended to export the su-57.   
    • Due to the recent scuffle with China, there has been reports if India getting su-57 from Russia. I thought Russia was not going to export the su-57. 
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    • Defseca has obtained exclusive photos from the construction site of a Bangladesh Navy submarine base being developed by a Chinese state owned company.

      The $1.22 billion submarine base is the largest ever base building project undertaken by the Chinese outside its own territory.

      It signifies the start of a new strategic partnership between Dhaka and Beijing. A full report is coming soon for members.
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    • Padma Multi-Purpose Bridge
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    • Hi !

      I just joined this forum because recently the type 69 II G has been introduced into the video game "war thunder". The thing is, there have been conflicts to know if the vehicle was representated correctly. Depending on the source I can find, it has either a 105mm gun or a 120mm, a thermal imager sight or not etc.

      So I think asking the experts might be a better idea, and here I am

      Excuse me if this isnt the good location or if it's off topic, I'm a bit lost

      Thanks in advance for your anwsers !
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    • The Bangladesh Ordnance Factories or BOF has started full scale production of 122mm guided and unguided rocket systems at its new facility. BOF is gearing up to manufacture all 120mm, 122mm, 155mm ammunition indigenously. At present it only makes 105mm ammunition with help from China.

      Making such ammunition is integral towards reaching a degree of basic self-sufficiency. Its critical that Bangladesh armed forces be equipped with own line of ammunition for army, navy and air force.

      At a basic stage BOF and BAF should be making:

      Mortar shells (60mm, 81mm, 82mm, 120mm)

      Artillery ammunition (105mm, 122mm, 155mm)

      Naval missiles (C-704)

      Naval mines (NATO/Chinese)

      Naval gunnery munitions (35mm, 37mm, 40mm, 76mm, 76.2mm, 100mm) 

      Aerial bombs (smart and general purpose)

      Air defence gun munitions (12.7mm, 14.5mm, 35mm, 37mm, 40mm, 57mm)  

      MANPADS (FN-16, QW-18)
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    • BSF kills two Bangladeshis

      Our Correspondent, Lalmonirhat
      Two Bangladeshi cattle traders were shot dead allegedly by Indian Border Security Force (BSF) along Hatibandha border in Lalmonirhat yesterday morning.

      Omar Faruq, officer-in-charge of Hatibandha Police Station, said they, along with the members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), recovered the bodies from Bonchauki border in Gotamari upazila.

      The bodies of Suruj Islam, 18, and Suruj Mia, 37, of Amjhola village in the upazila, were sent to Lalmonihat Sadar Hospital morgue for autopsies, our Lalmonirhat correspondent reported.

      Quoting witnesses, Tapas Chandra, commander of Banchauki BGB Camp, said BSF patrol team of Setai camp in Cooch Behar district of India’s West Bengal opened fire on the duo when they were entering Bangladesh with Indian cattle.

      Lt Colonel Tauhidul Alam, commander officer (CO) of Lalmonirhat 15 BGB Battalion, said they sent a letter to BSF protesting the killing of the two Bangladeshis.

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