3 Indian Army troops killed in China border clash

3 Indian Army troops killed in China border clash

One Indian Army officer and two soldiers were killed in border clashes against Chinese forces on Monday night in the Galwan Valley in Kashmir.

Indian and Chinese troops have engaged in a tense standoff at several locations of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh, Indian controlled-Kashmir. Unofficial sources claim Chinese forces also suffered some casualties without elaborating.

Hundreds of Indian and Chinese troops were involved in a brief skirmish in May of this year.

The Indian Army dispatched reinforcements to beef up its position against a superior Chinese force.


Indian security forces have applied different tactics on their borders with Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bhutan and Nepal with varying degrees of success.

India and China fought a major war known as the Sino-Indian War from 20 October to 21 November 1962. The one month long war fought on Aksai Chin and North East Frontier Agency, Assam resulted in a Chinese victory. During the brief war 722 Chinese troops were killed and 548-1,047 were wounded. Losses of the Indian side included 1,383 killed, 1,696 missing, 1,047 wounded and 3,968 captured as POWs.

The military capabilities of both nations improved much since the early 1960s however the Chinese military boasts a far superior operational deployment capability combined with extended range fire protection against any major Indian targets. China also enjoys strategic level ties with most of India’s smaller neighbours. It is the top defence supplier for countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

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