US requests Bangladesh to provide temporary shelter to Afghans

US requests Bangladesh to provide temporary shelter to Afghans

The United States strongly urged Bangladesh to provide temporary shelter to Afghan nationals after the country was occupied by the Taliban in recent days.

Under the scheme thousands of Afghan nationals would be sent to Bangladesh before being permanently resettled in the US or any third country.

Bangladesh Government thanked the United States but rejected the request in accordance with its interests. However, the government is considering to allow about 150 Afghan female students from the Asian University for Women to return to their campus in Chattogram.

Several international charter flight companies have reportedly proposed that Biman Bangladesh Airlines operate evacuation flights from Kabul Airport for 45,000 passengers.

Upon receiving the proposals Biman contacted its insurers for advice. The insurers recommended against such operations.

Defence and strategic affairs analysts in Bangladesh believe Bangladesh should avoid partisan controversies as it would affect bilateral relations with Afghanistan.

Bangladesh government has urged Afghanistan’s new rulers to maintain democratic and pluralistic policies for the stability in their country. The fast evolving situation in Afghanistan is having an impact on regional and international security with most security organisations seemingly left unprepared in the wake of the Taliban takeover.

The Bangladesh government stated it is happy to work with the people of Afghanistan and the international community for the socio-economic development of Afghanistan.

It has offered assistance in education, healthcare, sanitation, human resources development, agriculture, climate adaptation, disaster management and ICT.

Bangladeshi NGOs have been actively involved in the development of Afghanistan demonstrating their expertise in uplifting the lives of the Afghan people.

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Bangladesh wishes Afghanistan to play a peaceful, stable, prosperous, responsible and contributory role in South Asia.


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