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  1. President of the Turkish Presidency, Defense Industry. Dr. During the joint live broadcast with industry magazines, İsmail DEMİR touched on the engine problem of the ALTAY Main Battle Tank. In a statement made by President DEMİR, “The work done with a country regarding ALTAY's engine has reached a very good point. We can say that the signatures were made. With the cooperation to be held there, this will take a certain process, but it is possible to say that we have a “B” or even a “C” plan for the engine. Of course, our ultimate goal in tank engine is national and domestic engine. As you know, the studies are continuing, the engines are slowly coming out of various power groups. ” expressions were included. Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. In the statement made by İsmail DEMİR in January 2020, “We have a contract such as T0 + 18 Months regarding ALTAY Tank. T0 zero is the next stage for us, after the prerequisites are met and ready for production. The company cannot start the T0 when it does not have a power pack (motor and transmission). In the event that the application for the power package is not finalized, this 18-month period does not start, as we could not start the T0. We had 18 months before we made public, we waited for the previous application to be concluded. This application has not encountered a positive or negative answer at this time and is pending. However, our search for alternatives for the power pack is continuing rapidly, and we hope that it will end soon. After the power package is completed and the production line qualification is completed, the T0 phase will start, and then we will start 18 months. ” statements were included. T0 phase is expected to start urgently after the engine has been resolved. ALTAY Main Battle Tank (AMT) Project As part of the National Main Battle Tank (AMT) ALTAY project, the mass production contract was signed on 9 November 2018 with a ceremony held between BMC and the Defense Industry Directorate (SSB). In project scope; The first mass production tank will be delivered at T0 + 24th month and ALTAY-T1 deliveries will be finished at T0 + 39th month. In addition, in line with the directives of the Defense Industry President Ismail DEMİR, the promotion tank in an ALTAY-T1 configuration, which is not covered by the contract, is expected to be completed in the T0 + 18th month. The first ALTAY-T2 tank will be delivered at T0 + 49th month and deliveries of 250 tanks will be completed at T0 + 87th month. Source: SavunmaSanayiST
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