Bir Sreshtho Nur Mohammad Sheikh

Bir Sreshtho Nur Mohammad Sheikh

Nur Mohammad was born on 26th February 1936 at Mahiskhali village (Now called Nur Mohammad Nagar) in Narail district. Born as an orphan to an impoverished family, he had to sell his paternal property for his livelihood.

He first joined the local Ansar force and then joined East Pakistan Rifles on 14th March 1959. He was posted in the Dinajpur sector after the completion of his training.

During the Indo-Pak war of 1965, he was wounded in the Dinajpur sector. For his valor, he was awarded the medals ‘Tamgha-e-Jang’ and ‘Sitara-e-Harb’ by the Pakistan government. He was transferred to Jessore sector headquarters in August 1970. 

Nur Mohammad was on leave when the liberation war broke out in 1971, he was assigned to sector 8 in Jessore. 

On the day of his martyrdom, Nur Mohammad was in charge of a patrol force at the village of Goalhati and Chuitput in Jessore. They were ambushed by the Pakistani Army and quickly surrounded on all three sides. There were only 5 men in the patrol force, gauging the gravity of the situation, Nur Mohammad opted to retreat to base.

While providing covering fire and retreating, Nannu Mia, one of his fellow soldiers was injured. He was hit with a bullet. While carrying Nannu Mia and trying to fire while changing positions in order to confuse the Pak army into thinking there were more than 5 men present, Nur Mohammad himself was hit by a mortar and his foot was destroyed. Opting to save his compatriots, Nur Mohammad decided to stay back and provide covering fire while his fellow soldiers escaped even after being severely injured.

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At the time, his fellow Sepoy Mostafa urged Nur Mohammad to go with him. Mostafa even tried to force Nur Mohammad to go but Nur Mohammad refused to go and gave his light machine gun to Mostafa so that it would not be captured after his death. He kept a self loaded rifle with him and kept on fighting until he died.

His body was later recovered by his colleagues and buried at Kashipur in the border. In recognition of his valor and the highest sacrifice in the War of Liberation, he was honored with the highest state insignia of  ‘Birsrestha’.

His sacrifice lives on in the hearts of all Bangladeshis everywhere around the globe and his legacy will forever be etched in the annals of history. We at DEFSECA.COM salute and owe it all to the valiant men and women that brought about our independence. Heroes never die.


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