Additional KRONOS LAND MGFRs under purchase

Additional KRONOS LAND MGFRs under purchase

The Bangladesh Air Force is purchasing additional Mobile Gap Filler Radar (MGFR) from Leonardo to add to the six, which have already been ordered earlier and disclosed on 29 October 2019 during the BIDEC (Bahrain International Defence Exhibition and Conference) tri-service exhibition.

The Italian defence giant is set to receive another repeat order for six more KRONOS LAND multi-mission capable 3D MGFRs.

Under the deal Leonardo will also supply communications equipment, technical support services, spare parts and a comprehensive training programme for Bangladeshi Air Force personnel with modules in Italy and Bangladesh. Moreover the air force is also expected to purchase an air defence automation system to integrate its sensors with state of the art command & control facilities.

The integration will enable the Bangladesh Air Force to establish a comprehensive air and land picture through platforms such as ground-based radar systems, combat aircraft, airborne earlier warning aircraft and also enable deployment of ground-based air defences across Bangladesh to help enforce the Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ).

According to literature from the OEM, the KRONOS LAND is a multi-functional, multi-mission 3D radar for air surveillance and defence, based on latest-generation Full Active-Electronically-Scanned-Array (AESA, also known as E-scan) technology.

The Kronos LAND C-band AESA radar reportedly has air surveillance range of 250 km. The radar is a gap filler, enabling the BAF to plug blind spots of its high-altitude radar systems.

As an AESA radar, the KRONOS Land leverages multiple transmit/receive modules (TRM) to emit radio waves. Each TRM can emit its own unique frequency, which makes jamming the whole radar system much more difficult, thereby increasing the radar’s electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM).

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Kronos LAND can be easily integrated into a defence surveillance network, contributing to the general Recognised Air Picture (RAP). It can also control SHORAD and VSHORAD systems. KRONOS LAND represents one of the choices for SAM systems. In addition, KRONOS LAND also includes Counter Rocket, Artillery & Mortar (C-RAM) capabilities, according to the company.

Leonardo has sold more than 40 KRONOS family systems worldwide. The contract to supply KRONOS LAND to the Bangladesh Air Force bolsters Leonardo’s presence in Bangladesh.

It follows the earlier provision of the RAT31DL surveillance system to the BAF for early warning and air defence.

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