Bangladesh becomes major Turkish defence industry client

Bangladesh becomes major Turkish defence industry client

Data released by the Turkish defence export agency reveals Bangladesh has become a major purchaser of Turkish-made military equipment in 2021.

The Turkish defence export witnessed healthy growth in April 2021 exporting over $302 million of defence hardware to 112 countries around the world, with an increase of sales by 88% over same time last year.

In 2021 Bangladesh was the fourth largest arms purchaser from Turkey, after the US, Azerbaijan and UAE.

In the month of April 2021 Turkish military equipment manufacturers managed to export $56.77 million worth of mostly artillery weapons to the Bangladesh Army.

This is largely accounted for the sale of three regiments of Type B MLRS (Tiger Missile System). Each regiment includes 18 firing units and associated support vehicles.

In the pipeline are also numerous armoured vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and air defence systems. Already a strategic partner since the 1980s, Turkey is now firmly placed to become an enduring defence supplier of the Bangladesh Armed Forces as Bangladesh continues to diversify weapons supply sources in light of requirements for Forces Goal 2030.

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